You Should Refrigerate Your Doritos

You Should Refrigerate Your Doritos

Life holds many mysteries. One such treasure is the undiscovered delicacy of culinary experimentation. We all know well the magnificent combination of sweet and savory. But what happens when, by mere lapse in motor skill judgment, we stumble upon transcendent greatness? I accidentally tossed some Nacho Cheese Doritos in the fridge. What happened next changed my life forever.

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Brandon Ruins the Internet: Letters to the Editor

Fancy Boys Club co-founder Brandon Andreasen is a 35 year old in a 70 year old’s body. He doesn’t understand memes, but laughs at them because he is afraid of being exposed as old. Just for fun, he is periodically going to do his best to ruin the internet like he does in real life: long winded and factually dubious.

Today, Brandon has scoured the internet for Letters to the Editor, and is going to answer them in the only way he knows how. Obnoxiously.

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How I told Effexor XR goodbye… and its cypher to Kiss My Ass

I first wrote this a couple years ago, and have now decided to throw it out there. She, the warrior princess known as Effexor XR, draws circles in my head now and then, and with everything going on these days, it’s damn hard for the effects to entirely disappear, including my sometimes desire to slip back into the world of anti-depressants. However, I am not going to do it. Meditation, yoga, exercise and a semblance of a decent diet (I had an egg on avocado toast for breakfast yesterday… followed up with blueberry pie for breakfast today) seem to be keeping me on an even keel these days. That being said…

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It’s Official: Gretna, Nebraska Is Pretty Alright

It’s Official: Gretna, Nebraska Is Pretty Alright

I’ve traveled all over the world, primarily Europe, seeing all the sites and eating my way through each country. However, the fresh pasta of Italy, the delicious sausages of Germany, and the tapas of Spain have nothing on the delectable cuisine of Gretna, Nebraska… probably.

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Just Quit Your Job And Go Backpacking In Europe, You Cuck

Just Quit Your Job And Go Backpacking In Europe, You Cuck

I’m a free spirit. I move where the various winds of change blow me. That’s why my wife and I fly with the eagles across the Atlantic to see the beauty that Europe holds every six months or so. Some people say that a 46-year-old man like myself should be settled down with his wife and hypothetical kids and have a steady job. But they’re wrong. Why should I be locked away in a cubicle in restrictive clothing when I could be overseas, watching someone fuck my wife?

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Understanding Fandoms & The Defense of Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Show

I am a 32 year old woman with posters of Taylor Swift taped to my wall. I know that sounds insane. And what’s more insane is they live on the wall of an apartment I share with my 28 year old boyfriend, who couldn’t be less interested in Taylor Swift or the fandom I so desperately cling to to feel close to an artist I love.

I spent a lot of my 20s thinking that the trends and art people enjoyed were a judge of them as a person. If they loved something that I thought was stupid, that somehow correlated into meaning that that person was also probably stupid. So when I explain in this article the way I feel “fandoms” are perceived by both genders, I am in no way saying either is worse or more at fault for these very backwards assumptions. I think it’s something we as humans confuse, and that itself is not gender specific.

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