Fancy Boys Club previews: March Fatness!

Fancy Boys Club previews: March Fatness!

Fast food isn’t healthy. It’s doesn’t always taste good.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that it could even be considered food.

And yet, there’s something about it that’s undeniable. There’s a comfort to unwrapping a cheeseburger or eating fries in the car. There’s peace in leaving a drive-thru knowing that your needs will all be met. And sometimes, you’re just hungover as balls.

Enter March Fatness.

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Brandon Solves the Internet II

Brandon Solves the Internet II

Welcome to another edition of Brandon Solves The Internet, an occasional column in which Fancy Boys Club founder Brandon Andreasen scours the internet for the best questions being asked around the web and uses his expertise in all things to answer them. This week, Brandon tackles fishing, classic furniture placement, and other topics. Let’s jump in!

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If Cartoons Were Walking Around In Our World Right Now, You Would Not Be Chill About It

If Cartoons Were Walking Around In Our World Right Now, You Would Not Be Chill About It

I will start by saying I have no plans to see Sonic the Hedgehog, but I morally support the career of James Marsden. He is now a two-time cartoon-in-reality film star. Prior to Sonic, Marsden was in the brutally-seasonal Easter Bunny film, Hop.

Cartoons interacting with the real world is no new venture, but sometimes I get the feeling that our human counterparts are too damn chill about being in the presence of a sentient drawing.

Let me be clear- if this happened to you, the only result is instantaneous cardiac arrest.

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Wendys New Breakfast Items, Ranked

Wendys New Breakfast Items, Ranked

In case you are one of those people that can easily see your toes when you look down, you might have missed the news that Wendys is rolling out their breakfast menu nationwide. This news is all very new and very exciting to us fat people. How new and exciting is it? In the 11 days since my local Wendys went live with their breakfast menu, I have eaten every menu item on it. Yes, my cholesterol is atrocious, why do you ask?

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Roughneck Report, Take 3

Okay Roughneck Rowdies (not sure of you are aware as an avid Roughneck fan you are a Rowdy, but – according to me – you are) our team’s ride into Tampa proved to be a rough one. I suspect it was all due to repeated visits to Taco Bus, but somehow they came out on top 34-27.

Yes they are still undefeated, but there are issues. The Roughneck D allowed the Vipers O to score 27 points – over twice as much as they scored in total the first two games. Allowing Marc Trestman’s shaky offense to put up points plus fang them for nearly 400 yards is a bad omen for week 4, Rowdies. The game was a back and forth affair. We had the ball, they had the ball, we had the ball again, and so forth. They scored, we scored, blah blah blah. As for Roughneck RB Nick Holley, he rushed 1 time for 1 yard, caught 2 passes for 7 yards, and made it through without breaking his back. NICK – YOU BROKE YOUR BACK – STOP PLAYING FOOTBALL! GEEZ!

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Roughneck Report, Take 2

Well football fans, or XFL fans as this game certainly has the feel of football but is throwing my sports clock off by having football this time of year, it looks as if the Houston Roughnecks are for real. Two wins, zero losses have them tied atop the league with evil DC Defenders.

Now the Oilers – again look at the logo, that’s no Roughneck to me that’s an oil derrick and that means Oilers – have to go on the road for the next two games. Their road record so far, standing at 0 wins and 0 losses, simply means their inexperience on the road may hurt them.

The game this Saturday is against the venomous Tampa Bay Vipers, and this is what they will face as challenges:
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