The One Question Donald Trump Needs To Be Asked Before The 2024 Election…

The One Question Donald Trump Needs To Be Asked Before The 2024 Election…

With the official announcement that hate-filled potato Ron DeSantis is entering the race for the presidency, we finally have the possibility of a candidate who could overtake former President Donald Trump. However, and maybe I’m crazy, but there seems to be a really easy way to derail the Trump campaign and, quite frankly, it fucking baffles me that no one has directly asked Trump this question.

Here it is:

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Fancy Boys Go To The Movies: Fast X

Fancy Boys Go To The Movies: Fast X

(Author’s note: Per usual, I have kept to my principal of having this review be as spoiler-free as possible. For the most part, if it isn’t in the trailer, I won’t talk about any specifics in the review.)

With the 11th film in The Fast & Furious franchise (ten stand-alone films plus Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw), it would be easy for director Louis Leterrier’s debut in this series to be very paint by numbers. All he would have to do is let Vin Diesel be the ultimate driving and fighting machine (and family man) that he is and let the other supporting players support him. But Leterrier, replacing Justin Lin (who left the film citing creative differences) shows us that he has a few tricks up his sleeve. His Fast X features four Oscar-winning actors, a ton of new characters (for better or worse), and the most fun and exciting new addition that Fast & Furious have given us since their best film (more on that later).

But perhaps the most impressive thing Leterrier has done was to realize that the last film, F9, was severely flawed. And you can see him making the effort in Fast X to fix those problems. Which is not to say that this film doesn’t have issues: it’s bloated (while, somehow, not giving most characters enough to do), too absurd, and has some moments that are laughable, and not in a good way.

It’s also a whole ton of fucking fun.

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Should you give your opinions on transgender athletes: A quick guide

If you spend any time on social media, you will see someone weighing in with their “hot take” (sigh) on some issue. Lately, the issue that seems to have really gotten people going nuts has to do with transgender athletes, especially (or at least from my perspective) in the field of women’s sports.

Maybe you have some take you would like to share on social media. But should you? If you have any questions about this, don’t worry. I have made a quick guide to help you figure out if you should let the world know how you feel or maybe if you should consider stepping aside and keeping your feelings to yourself.

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The Avalanche Never Broke Free

I’ll have to admit it…

I was wr…

I was wro… I was… wron…

I was wrong. OK. I said it. I thought the Colorado Avalanche were going to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. If you are among the dozen or so people paying attention to the NHL playoffs you will know they cannot as they went out in a game 7 in the first round.

A game 7 for the Colorado Avalanche is mostly poison. They haven’t won a game 7 since the end of May 2002. So, it was not much of a shock really. Not to me anyway. To many at the bar I was at watching said game 7? They were stunned. My comment was “watch the fucking game!” They’ve had a ‘0 for whatever for over 20 years Game 7’ graphic up on the screen about a dozen times!” Then I had to leave. Luckily, I was stone cold sober and those threatening to do me bodily harm were stumbling drunk brave.

So they lost. Granted I did not know their fearless leader and captain Gabe Landeskog (That’s Landy in hockey parlance, NOT Gabby) was going to be out 95% of the season as well as the entire playoffs. However, they have more than one good player. Yet, here they are – playing golf when they are not watching their victors, the Kraken, as they proceed to the second round to face the Dallas South Stars (they really are not the South Stars, but since they came to Dallas via Minnesota where they were the North Stars, it just seems appropriate).

Let me tell you about the Kraken. The Kraken, if you do not know, is a fierce octopus-like creature capable of devouring ships whole. You’ll see in the actual photo below the enormous size of it. Granted, it is far easier to defeat on ice as out of the water and onto frozen water is not their preferred place of battle, but yet the Kraken won.

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NFL Post-Draft Power Rankings

NFL Post-Draft Power Rankings

Welcome back, my friends! It’s almost as if football season never ended. In reality, it doesn’t end. Football is a 12 month content machine. It never stops. Maybe you are able to detach from it and live normal lives. That’s not me, though. I spend my days staring at FanDuel, talking myself into burning money on MVP bets in March, and am already scouring the internet hoping to find defensive rookie of the year odds. Yes i’m a psychopath. It’s in my nature.

With the draft wrapping up, the good free agents signed, and Aaron Rodgers finally cast off to get eaten alive by the New York media, lets jump in and do a Power Ranking!

1: Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl Odds: +850

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Where will Tucker Carlson wind up next?

Where will Tucker Carlson wind up next?

If your super-transphobic family member who seems to only post stupid memes on social media seems a little sad today, I think I know why: their hero no longer has a platform. There is no reason to state this other than with the most blunt of terms: today, Fox News has fired Tucker Carlson.

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Fancy Boys March Music Madness 2023 CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

Fancy Boys March Music Madness 2023 CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

What started at 64 songs from four writers talking about the songs that got them through early high school has now come down to two songs. With the Grace (2001-2003) and Drummond (2006-2008) Regions eliminated, it all comes down to this: the #3 seed from the Drufke (1993-1995) Region and the underdog #14 seed from the Andreasen (1998-2000) Region. A reminder you can also vote on our facebook and twitter. Let’s get to it.

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