Friday Five: Valentines Day Edition

Friday Five: Valentines Day Edition

Welcome to the Friday Five, the brain child of Fancy Boys Club creator Brandon Andreasen. Each week, we will give four questions and a top five list for all the Fancy Boys contributors to tell stories and give horrible top five lists for.

With Valentine’s Day today, we thought we would ask the crew about all things love. Let’s get romantic!

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Hips Don't Lie: A Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Review

Hips Don't Lie: A Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Review

Last night, the city of Miami and millions of people all over the world were treated to an exciting and exhilarating display of athleticism and a wonderful reminder of what we all can achieve if we are willing to put in the effort.

Also, there was a football game.

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A Quick Look At The 2020 Grammys…

A Quick Look At The 2020 Grammys…

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards take place tonight in California and will be aired on CBS. They start at 5:00 PM PST and should end sometime around April.

The Grammys are long. You know how people bitch about how the Oscars are long? AMPAS ain’t got nothing on The Recording Academy, baby! They’re so long. Too long.

And I’m gonna watch it… well, most of it. Until I fall asleep.

Here’s what you need to know about music’s biggest night.

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A Royal Mess

If you live a life of ignorance that can only be described as blissful, you might have missed the announcement. If you, like myself and millions of others who, like two trees growing into eachother over time cause the trees to become one, have your phone semi-permanently attached to your hand so that you can be hyper aware of the latest things happening in pop culture, have surely heard the news last week that Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle have decided to split away from the Royal Family of England to create a life for themselves.

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Lillie’s Q Brings Down Southern Fare Like a Confederate Monument

Lillie’s Q Brings Down Southern Fare Like a Confederate Monument

Lillie’s Q is a sore. A nuisance. A poem that rhymes “cigarette” with “regret.” It’s a friend that invites you to a party you don’t know anyone but never shows up, so you spend the whole time in the corner, playing with the settings on your phone, pretending to text. Most of all, it is a restaurant in Chicago – the existence of which disparages the entire history of barbecue. 

As we all know, the first mention of ribs in recorded history comes from the book of Genesis, when God removed one of Adam’s ribs to create Eve and stop Adam from posting on incel web forums. Since then, ribs have been used in everything from Marilyn Manson’s felatic self-adventures to “her pleasure” condoms, but they have most prominently marked their territory as a staple of Southern cuisine. 

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1969, Amazing Music, and Satan: The Best Films Of 2019

1969, Amazing Music, and Satan: The Best Films Of 2019

(AUTHOR/EDITOR NOTE: This is my personal list of my favorite movies in 2019. Expect an official FBC list in January.)

2019 was a great year in film. But also a weird year. For starters, it’s weird how great this year was.

Let me explain.

This year saw a lot of amazing films made by a lot of amazing filmmakers. Some of the best directors making movies today came to the plate swinging hard. Hell, Martin Scorcese made two films this year, both for Netflix. But none of them made their best film, and it seems like because of this, this year would seem like the ultimate runner-up in movie years.

And yet, this isn’t the case. In fact, this may be the best year of film in the 2010’s. It was filled with rich stories and amazing characters and bold filmmakers willing to take chances to sometimes ask the hard questions and sometimes just take us to places we wish we could be.

I saw 70 films this year, but by no means is this list complete. I still need to catch up with Uncut Gems and Ad Astra and The Lighthouse and a bunch of other films which I have been assured that I would love by people whom I respect. I hope to catch up with them before the official FBC list is made. However, at some point, you just have to stop watching movies and your list is your list.

So, with that being said, here’s mine.

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