Bombs Away and we’re not Okay

What is it that I can do to make this young woman laugh? Hell, what is it I can do just to make her relax enough to uncross her arms?

She sat there staring at me. It felt like an eternity up there, trotting out 4 minutes of material about my mother. It wasn’t the best, but it had worked before. A few laughs here and there, enough to revise it, throw some parts out, try to add some in.

But it wasn’t working. Not on Rhiamon (not her real name but it fits). Whatever I had done to somehow suck out every single bit of bile from her and none of the laughter? That was working. It’s not what I wanted, but it was what I was going to get.

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Installing A Garage Door, Evaluating My Manhood…

Installing A Garage Door, Evaluating My Manhood…

A while ago, I went ahead and purchased a garage door opener. It found a good deal for a well-reviewed opener. According to the manual and everything I read, it should take about two hours to install this bad boy. Two weeks after opening the box, I was still working on it. And, in doing so, this task led me to face all of my old anxieties and fears and forced me to look in the mirror and question my masculinity.

This is one of those rabbit holes that is impossible for me to stop falling down once even a miniscule amount of momentum has begun. I hate that I let this happen and I hate what it says about me.

More importantly, however, I fucking hate this goddamned garage door opener.

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Give Me Power

Give Me Power

There is no good reason to vote for Biden. I’ve read the arguments, and I’ve been trying to find one that exists within a moral framework, but it doesn’t exist. Biden is a shitbag ’90s Republican and Republicans are, at best, amoral.

There is reason to vote for Biden; he is not Trump. The end. “Biden is not Trump” is not a good reason to vote for someone, it is just a reason. Stop trying to convince me there is anything behind a vote for Biden aside from that. He has no policy positions that I can support, because he has no policies at all. Feel free to argue that he does — he has a website with some on it — but for fuck’s sake, he has a history, we know what that is, and it’s shit. Should he become President, he will continue to be shit. He’s as corrupt as everyone else, he’s a patriarchal moron, and he will absolutely cave to the Republicans at every opportunity. If you can’t see that, you haven’t been paying attention.

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Oh, The Self-Centered

February 1, 2011. This was the first day I knew just how amazingly uninspiring the self-centered of the world can be.

I was at O’Hare, ready for my flight to Austin, Texas. A snowstorm was coming, we all knew it was coming. My flight was scheduled for 10AM. I’ll be fine.

Mechanical problems. OK. Flight scheduled for noon. Snowstorm’s tracking to get here by then, but we’re fine.

Mechanical problems part II. Re-scheduled for 2PM. Let the Shittery begin!

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KBO Week One Wrap-Up

KBO Week One Wrap-Up

Desperate for sports, yearning for baseball, the Korea Baseball Organization has saved the world. I have been watching KBO games for almost a decade, mostly through bootleg web sites that are definitely not good for my computer. With the pandemic still definitely a thing, this may be the only baseball for a while. So get up (or stay up) early and flip on ESPN and enjoy the best pure baseball league in the world, while its here.

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Little Richard, the Architect of Rock and Roll 1932-2020

Little Richard, the Architect of Rock and Roll 1932-2020

Richard Wayne Penniman, better known to the musical world as jubilant, innovating rock star Little Richard, passed away on Saturday at the age of 87 after succumbing to cancer. One of 12 children born to a moonshine selling, club owning Georgia deacon, Richard would go on to be one of the most recognizable pioneers of the early days of Rock and Roll.

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May The Fourth Be With Him…

May The Fourth Be With Him…

Let’s face facts: times are tough and we could all use a little good news.

We’re living in a world with coronavirus and quarantines and fucking murder hornets. It’s all stressful and anxiety-inducing and enough to make us want to curl into a ball and wait for better times.

But that why it’s so important to celebrate when good news comes our way. And today, on Star Wars Day, we got some very good news.

Sometimes, the universe gives us a little bit of force right when we need it.

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