In the third week of the season, trends begin to present themselves. The Samsung Lions and SK Wyverns and languishing at the bottom of the table. For Doosan, it is not the team’s record that is drawing attention, but their designated hitter’s ruthless tear through KBO pitching. The Dinos fell but remain the class of the KBO. I finally highlight some quality pitching, as well as a few swings-and-misses that will surely make you feel better about your ability to hit a 90mph fastball.

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The 25 Most Iconic Baseball Cards of All Time

The 25 Most Iconic Baseball Cards of All Time

Baseball cards act as an heirloom to the youth of many generations of children who would collect their favorite players, endlessly reading the backs of the cards, learning the stats, and wishing they could grow up to be that player. Though the times have changed, baseball cards are still a prominent industry. With the proliferation of group breaks and the ability to purchase cards from around the world, the sports card industry is still very popular.

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KBO Week One Wrap-Up

KBO Week One Wrap-Up

Desperate for sports, yearning for baseball, the Korea Baseball Organization has saved the world. I have been watching KBO games for almost a decade, mostly through bootleg web sites that are definitely not good for my computer. With the pandemic still definitely a thing, this may be the only baseball for a while. So get up (or stay up) early and flip on ESPN and enjoy the best pure baseball league in the world, while its here.

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Brandon Solves the Internet: 4/22 Edition

Brandon Solves the Internet: 4/22 Edition

Hey Everyone. While i’m wallowing in my own sense of defeat at the persistent end of days scenario that this stupid simulation of the world seems to be hucking us towards, I reached out for questions from my friends on Facebook so I can solve the internet for them! Take it away, my dear, dear friends!

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World Series Report, post game 2

I’m in the Milwaukee Airport, MKE to you aviation buffs, waiting for a flight to Denver. I have a 10:15 flight. I parked at 8:00. I’m now at the gate, after taking a bathroom break, and it’s 8:15. Ergo, I have time to give you a synopsis of the first 2 games of World Series 2019.

I’ll have to admit, I was wrong about the Astros. I was, however, correct about the Nationals. If any team was going to get past the Dodgers, it was the Nationals… and St. Louis stood merely as a speed bump on the way to the World Series.

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The California Baseball Bucket List Tour

I’ve never really thought much about a bucket list. Perhaps I should. Sure, when I was invincible in my 20s and life was forever, it was easier to put it off until later. Now, however, I am in my 30s and life is almost over, so it’s time to start spending my time more effectively. There’s still no solid bucket list item, except for one: I want to see a baseball game in all thirty Major League ballparks within my adult life.

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The Clock is Your Friend, Soccer

I am a fan of the Premier League Football team Tottenham Hotspur. However, I am not necessarily a zealous fan of football/futbol/soccer for one particular reason – the clock. Fine, I can handle players falling like bowling pins every time they feel a breeze go by from an opposing player. I can handle them laying on the pitch for five minutes writhing in pain grabbing whatever body part they felt was injured… and then getting up and playing some more.

OK, I can barely handle that. That’s dumb. Drag them off the field and get on with it.

What vexes me as much as Wisconsin drivers using the left lane like it’s their Sunday drive is clock management… or lack of clock management. Time was created by man, so let’s use it, shall we? When a player is egregiously fouled by an opposing player by something as awful as a tap on the shoulder and falls into a fetal position onto the field as if someone took their blankie? The clock keeps ticking time off the regulation 45 minute half. Doesn’t seem fair right?

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America’s Best Pastime: Position Players 2019

To start, baseball still is “America’s Best Pastime.” Football is “America’s Biggest Obsession.” Now that I have you sports fanatics all in a lather, especially those of you who prefer to crush heads over crushing baseballs, I’m going to drag you deep into the depths of my MVP opinions, ones that I hold as close to my person as a pitcher does his glove when he’s talking to his catcher.

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Delicious Darkness of Delusion aka Math Hurts

“What are you going to do now? Hit me? Is that it? I don’t see your reasoning so now you’re going to hit me?”

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