This Will Be Wrong, part I: The Eastern Divisions

So let’s just suppose that the MLB season actually happens. All 30 teams play all 60 games and there’s a postseason and everything. While I may be skeptical that we will get all the way to a World Series, it’s fun to think about something beyond the existential terror of everyday life in 2020. So, for now, let’s talk baseball.

We start with the two Eastern Divisions, which include the two most recent World Series champions, Boston (’18) and Washington (’19). Due to limitations in travel, these teams will not leave their Eastern bubble until the postseason- 40 games against in-division opponents, 20 games against opponents from the same division in the other league. Remember as you read my predictions, that no matter how much I know about baseball, this will be wrong.

A quick refresher before we get started.

  • The Designated Hitter is universal for the first time in history (and definitely not the last).
  • Extra innings will start with runners on base to try to just end games before 3am.
  • Pitchers have to face at least three batters unless the inning ends.
  • If a game is called due to weather prior to the trailing team playing 5 innings, it is suspended and completed at the next opportunity.
  • Rosters expanded to 26.

The National League East is pretty damn hard to predict. Wish the shortened season, even the Marlins seem relevant if only as a full-time spoiler. The Braves won the division but the Nationals won it all. The Phillies dramatically under-performed and the Mets did the opposite. So here’s my guess for how it ends up.

TeamWinsLossesGames BackWin Pct.
Atlanta Braves3624.600
Washington Nationals34262.566
Philadelphia Phillies32284.533
New York Mets28328.466
Miami Marlins204016.333

I still believe the Braves are the class of this division, even in a hellscape sprint of 60 games. While the Nats have two of the top 7-8 pitchers in the game, I think a combo of World Series hangover and lack of Anthony Rendon will drop them out of the race in the final weekend. I see the Mets falling back to Earth, the Phillies middling around in mediocrity, and the Marlins getting yet another participation trophy.

As for the American League East, the Yankees, Rays, and Red Sox will beat the piss out of each other and take their frustration out on the Blue Jays and Orioles. Oh, Baltimore. They still have a team, with uniforms and everything. Let me spoil this for you. The Baltimore Orioles will not win this division. Who will win it is a rather tough question but hell, lemme get a look at it. It was just announced that Canada isn’t going to let the Blue Jays play in Toronto, so its likely they will play their home games either in Buffalo, NY or Dunedin, FL.

TeamWinsLossesGames BackWin Pct.
Tampa Bay Rays3525.583
New York Yankees3525.583
Boston Red Sox34261.566
Toronto Blue Jays253210.416
Baltimore Orioles1743.283

Man, if this season meets an end, the last week is going to be bonkers in the AL East. I have Tampa edging out New York on head to head results with Boston losing out on a postseason berth on the last day. All three of those teams could win the title and I wouldn’t be shocked. The Blue Jays’ young core of Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., Cavan Biggio, Bo Bichette, Lourdes Gurriel, Jr. will make Toronto Buffalo/Dunedin the baseball equivalent of a League Pass team.

Tomorrow, we look at the Central Divisions and I definitely do not let my favorite team biases come into play.

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