World Series Report, post game 2

I’m in the Milwaukee Airport, MKE to you aviation buffs, waiting for a flight to Denver. I have a 10:15 flight. I parked at 8:00. I’m now at the gate, after taking a bathroom break, and it’s 8:15. Ergo, I have time to give you a synopsis of the first 2 games of World Series 2019.

I’ll have to admit, I was wrong about the Astros. I was, however, correct about the Nationals. If any team was going to get past the Dodgers, it was the Nationals… and St. Louis stood merely as a speed bump on the way to the World Series.

Looks like the Astros may end up being the second speed bump. When you get steamrolled at home – 12-3 game two beating really? – you’ve just stepped in line for a redheaded stepchild kind of beating (FYI as a redheaded stepchild, I have all rights to throw this in to the mix).

Now all the Astros need to do is win two on the road to get it back to Houston. Not that coming back to their own turf will help in any way whatsoever. 12-3. Good gravy.

World Series games are rarely about offense. Generally, it comes down to the pitching. On paper, the Astros had the edge. On the actual field, they’ve choked faster than a toddler trying to swallow a fun-size Snickers without a chew. 12-3. At home. 12-3.

Can it get any worse for a man such as me who predicted the Astros were going to take home a silly World Series trophy that from a distance kind of looks like heads on spikes? Yes. Yes it can. There are certain players I am not fans of whatsoever. One of them is former White Sox outfielder, the grindy and dumb as a doorknob Adam Eaton. At one point four seasons ago while they were in spring training no less, the Whites Sox put out an edict: ‘dial back’ your kids’ visits to the clubhouse. Why? Because their .207 batting average free agent signing Adam LaRoche brought his teenage son Drake in every damn day of the 2015 season, effectively raising his child there, aka – he wasn’t going to school. The players, most of them, were not happy about it so they went to management. Management laid down the law. Everyone, except LaRoche who immediately retired – a blessing – and two other players were fine. What other players? First, Chris Sale who has a multi-million-dollar arm and a ten-cent brain. However, after having his hissy fit about team president Kenny Williams staying out of the clubhouse – whom he hated – at least he claimed the team was ‘moving on.’ Bravo for him. The other player? None other than the brain-challenged Adam Eaton. His comment? To paraphrase “It’s not fair the kid had to leave because he was a LEADER IN THE CLUBHOUSE.” WHAT?! The kid was 14. 14! Fortunately, the Nationals took Eaton on a trade that reaped White Sox starter and budding star Lucas Giolito, starter Reynaldo Lopez and another righty in Dane Dunning. Unfortunately, Eaton’s doing well, batting .500 right now in the World Series. I’d take my hat off to him, but then I’d have to smack him with it.

To end this, after spending more time going after Adam Eaton than talking the World Series, all I can say “Go Astros. Thoughts and Prayers.”

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