This Will Be Wrong, part III: The Western Divisions

We have come to the end of the regular season predictions. Monday, I predicted the Easts. Yesterday, I went after the Centrals. If one thing is clear, its that these are for Houston and Los Angeles to lose. In a normal year, they should probably have their divisions wrapped up by mid-September. Much like the other four, these two will go into the last few games with titles and playoff spots on the line.

David Price opted out of the season, and that would probably hurt the Dodgers in a normal year, but they likely still have the depth to figure this out. Most notably- the Padres are back in brown as the Lord intended. I don’t see any major threat to the Dodger supremacy in the West. Mookie Betts is a free agent after this season, no matter how long it is.

TeamWinsLossesGames BackWin Pct.
Los Angeles Dodgers3723.616
San Diego Padres31296.516
Arizona Diamondbacks30307.500
Colorado Rockies30307.500
San Francisco Giants213916.350

I really feel that 10 games against the Giants is going to benefit the three middle teams who would otherwise struggle to reach the .500 mark in a full season. Laws of probability prevent me from saying the Dodgers will win 40 or the Giants will lose more than 40, but I would love to see it.

Over to the American League, where as you recall, the Astros were definitely busted for enhancing their at-the-plate intellect. They’ll win this division and probably more because they’re just so damn loaded. But who is lurking up behind them? The pesky, lovable, septic-tank-stadium-dwelling A’s. If there was a wild card team that might just mess around and win the World Series, I think it could be Oakland. Even after every team adapted their trademark philosophy, the A’s still just find a way to be competitive on a lemonade stand budget.

TeamWinsLossesGames BackWin Percentage
Houston Astros3525.583
Oakland Athletics34261.566
Los Angeles Angels31294.516
Seattle Mariners27338.450
Texas Rangers233712.383

Like San Francisco, Texas will probably get knocked around and beaten down. Ten years is a long time, you guys. I really, really like the Angels. I want them to succeed. The people need Mike Trout in the playoffs. Good lord, the Angels have Trout, Anthony Rendon, and Shohei Ohtani… AND IT WON’T BE ENOUGH. Sad times in Anaheim.

Tomorrow, I make an absolute ass out of myself by prediction the Major League Baseball postseason tournament and predict the major awards.

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