Friday Five: Special 2020 Wrap-Up Edition!

Friday Five: Special 2020 Wrap-Up Edition!

2020 was, to put it mildly, a weird year.

COVID affected every aspect of our lives, including the art we consumed and, perhaps more importantly, how we consume it. We couldn’t go to the movie theater. Many artists we releasing their “quarantine albums”. Most shows and movies had to stop production for some period of time. Sports went away and then came back under weird conditions.

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great year for the arts. It was just… different.

Because of this, we scrapped our plans to write the “Best Of” articles that usually appear in magazines and websites. We’re bringing back the Friday Five. We asked our writers and guest contributors to list their five favorite pieces of consumed media from the last year.

Here is what The Fancy Boys loved about 2020.

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Fancy Boys Video Game Club: Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

Welcome to episode 1 of The Fancy Boys Video Game Club, a thing that I just made up as I began typing this intro. Every week I intend to post a video in which I sit down with a different video game for about an hour or so and talk about it. I don’t have any type of criteria in mind. It could be a new release, an old classic, or just a weirdo game that I liked a whole lot that I’ve never heard anyone else ever talk about. Today’s episode is just that. Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu. Continue reading “Fancy Boys Video Game Club: Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu”