Life in the Fap Lane: My Pandemic as a Sex Worker Part Six

Prostitoohot to handle

Well folks, we made it. We’re at the climax… The big O… The final article of the Fap Lane series. We’ve covered and uncovered a lot of ground over the past couple months with everything from the sex work industry, BDSM, sex toys, squirting, and, of course, onlyfans. And now we’re at the final chapter of this roller coster of a life I lead that you all seem so fascinated by. The part where I admit that: I have, in fact, been paid to have sex… sort of.

A few years ago, I went on a date with a male human at a bar and restaurant close to my house. After 2 hours of mind numbingly awful small talk given a complete lack of anything in common and physical chemistry, I allowed this gentleman the privilege of walking me home. At my doorstep, he asked if he could kiss me. I told him that I would prefer he didn’t. He asked if he could come in. I told him that I appreciated his company and time this evening but that, unfortunately, I didn’t feel like there was chemistry between us, and therefore, I would not be inviting him inside. He then said, “I will give you $100.”

“For what?”, I inquired.

“Whatever you want”, he replied.

“I don’t want…to do…anything…with you… like that…”, I stammered.

“Look,” he began, “I understand that I will probably never see you again after tonight. You weren’t really feeling it and that’s fine. But I think you’re beautiful and I really like you and I would really like to spend some more time with you. We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but I seriously will pay you $100 for your time”.

I looked at him for a moment and truly saw him. Here was this doughy, raisin eyed nutsack of a biped staring hungrily at me, genuinely offering me $100 for the pleasure of my company. I thought about my life up until that point- so free of trauma and horror, with absolutely nothing untoward leading me towards such a moment of sexual promiscuity so frowned upon by generations worth of societies. I thought about the social construct of the stigma of sex work and prostitution and I thought about how my sexuality as a woman and governance over my own body was something I could completely control both in and outside of this moment. I thought about the history of brothel madame’s, escorts and mistresses, bunnies and sugar babies, and the impact those roles had on my impression on what a woman could and could not- as well as should and should not- be allowed to do with her body.

Just kidding. I almost immediately said, “$300 and I’ll suck your dick.”

Phryne: “…suckers”

Why is it that we as a society will happily exchange money for all goods and services without judgement or prejudice right up until that service is sexual in nature? We will pay someone to shovel for us, walk our dogs, fix our toilets, deliver our food, and massage our backs. We’ll even pay for porn. But the second someone exchanges a sexual favor for money, it’s illegal because….reasons? I guess, technically, I’ve broken the law. I put a man’s dick in my mouth- a dick I otherwise would not have consented to see or touch- in exchange for $300. And to those of you who are judging me ever so fiercely right now, Ladies, how many dicks have you seen and/or touched for free that you were very very not excited about? At the end of the day, an experience with a dick is just that and nothing more unless you decide it’s more. So in that sense, I mean, for $300, honestly I couldn’t afford not to blow him. His dick was no different than anyone else’s dick except it was rather smaller than average and I came out of it with half a month’s rent.

Yes, men on onlyfans have asked me to m.e.e.t. up with them (onlyfans won’t let you type the word ‘meet’ in messages). They have asked how much I charge hourly and how much I would charge to spend an entire evening with me. At this time, I have not taken anyone up on that offer, but that decision has more to do with COVID as well as yet undiscussed parameters of my relationship at this time. I am in no way against the idea in essence or on principle and for the right amount, anything is possible. I would quite enjoy getting paid to fuck, if I’m being honest. They say that if you love what you do…. you never work a day in your life…. so… I wouldn’t necessarily believe that I would refer to having sex for money as work. I enjoy sex and I really enjoy making money. Why did I never escort then? Honestly, I wish I had. I’d probably have ended up sleeping with the same amount of people anyway but I’d have these student loans that I will surely die with paid off by now.

I feel like I just dropped some sort of “we shouldn’t talk about that” kind of sex-work related bomb on everyone but I think I’m so desensitized to sexual related content and conduct at this point that I just don’t see any of this as particularly bold or abnormal. But then again, I’m also one of many onlyfans girls now, so maybe none of you are shocked and this is becoming the norm after all.

In closing, I want to say thank you all for reading this and listening to my perspective on life, love, and onlyfans. I am glad I come across as genuine because I haven’t exaggerated a single thing, here. I love doing this and yes, mom, I’ll be careful but in the meantime, subscribe to see more… 😉

For more info on Me- Ariel Julie- check out my Link Tree or my All My Links to see my comedy, my blog that I haven’t written in regularly for the past 5 years, and all my social media. You are amazing for reading this and I want to thank you for your time, from the bottom of my slutty, provocative heart.

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