Support Your Local Podcasters!

With some states continuing their COVID-19 containment protocols into this month (as Illinois is), people are having more and more free time. Puzzles are getting completed at an alarming rate. Books which were meant to be read are being picked up… to return to the shelf because it’s in the way of the television remote. Series are being streamed.

And yes, it appears to be the perfect time to check out some new podcasts, baby!

Here are some of my favorite podcasts that you might want to check out. To make it even more appealing, these are podcasts created by some of my favorite comedians and content creators in the Chicago (and suburban) comedy scene. Let’s get podcasting!

The Happy Corner

What it is: Aimee Blaze and KB Marion sit down with guests to talk life, comedy, and get extraordinarily drunk. What makes the show work is the clear love and admiration these two have for each other. This is one of those podcasts where you know these conversations would be had whether there was a microphone recording them or not.

Knowledge Fight

What it is: Dan Friesen and Jordan Holmes do a deep dive into the world of conspiracy nutjob Alex Jones and his show Infowars. Dan does a deep dive into facts and sources and Jordan basically yells. It’s always interesting to hear what’s going to happen, like when Jones said this week that he would have no problem eating his neighbors.

Make Us A Mixtape!

What it is: Comedians (and self-appointed “music insiders”) Paul Farahvar and Marty DeRosa ask guests to make them a five-song mixtape and then discuss it in detail. Farahvar shares his stories from working in the music industry while DeRosa brings a world of knowledge from a lifetime of watching music videos and reading books.

Blake And Bobby Go To The Movies

What it is: Comics Blake Burkhart and Bobby Condon bring on guests to review films. It’s a fantastic mix of two men who love movies and also love making fun of each other (and their guests). Since the COVID-19 shutdowns have closed theater, the pair have been breaking down the ESPN documentary about the Chicago Bulls, The Last Dance.


What it is: Deanna Ortiz brings on guests to discuss their crushes, ideal dates, and play the game “Hot Or Just Tall?” Ortiz is the ultimate friend to gossip with, and always seems to bring the most out of her guests as they lovingly dish out stories. It’s like being a fly on the wall of the cool kids’ table.

What Do We Know? with Hari and Jim

What it is: Every week, comedians Hari Rao and Jim Flannigan try and learn about a new subject (from craft beer to horse betting to the newest episode featuring an ER doctor talking about coronavirus) from an expert in the field. It’s a funny and fantastic way to learn new things.

We Are The Strange

What it is: Comic/musician/artist Chris Bongat brings on guests to have conversations about any topic at hand. As you would expect by the name of the show, sometimes the conversations get a little… well, strange. But they’re always engaging and interesting.

Trash Fire Of Talk with Skitz M. Jones

What it is: Skitz M. Jones is a comedian, producer and musician, and Trash Fire Of Talk is their way to break down everything happening in their life. Each episode touches on Jones’ thoughts on comedy and the various goings-on. Plus, they offer music recommendations and do a tarot card pull to see what lies ahead.

Podcast Killed The Video Star

What it is: Mat Elfring and guests take a look at music videos past and present. The podcast once did a deep dive on all parts of the “Trapped In The Closet” series as well as taking a look at some of the greatest (and silliest) videos ever made.

You can find all of these podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher… wherever you get content. It should also be noted that Fancy Boys Club also has their own podcast, and we would appreciate if you checked it out, too.

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