Thanksgiving 2022: The week that was conservative bigotry

This past week, if you are a fan of hatred and being a gross piece of shit, then the GOP was just giving you all you could handle and then some. This is the kind of stuff that always makes me roll my eyes, but especially when you consider this: when people talk about the crazy ideas that the “radical left” has, it’s always things like socialized medicine, a fair tax system, working to make sure we don’t destroy the earth, a fair living wage, and removing student debt. You know, things only real pieces of shit would want. Oh, and also, it would be great if police stopped murdering unarmed minorities.

What are some of the crazy ideas of the “far right”? I don’t know, because it’s the same ideas as the mainstream conservative movement.

Let’s dive in:

Eight days ago, our nation was still reeling from the tragic shoot at Colorado Springs’ Club Q, which left five dead and a dozen injured. This would be the kind of thing which would cause conservatives to send out all of their useless thoughts and prayers. But then, something happened: they realized that Club Q was a LGBTQ nightclub, so the Grand Ol’ Party decided to pull out a new tactic: victim blaming.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: The next two quotes I’m about to use were found by Dan Friesen, cohost of the Knowledge Fight podcast and used on said podcast, and I thank and credit him. The commentary is my own.)

Apparently between a drag brunch that Club Q hosted and the recent trend of the Drag Queen Story Hour (in which people dressed in drag read stories to children), conservatives knew whose fault this shooting was. Conservative “comedian” and podcaster seemed to think the shooting happened because of this brunch.

In another tweet, he called people at events like these “groomers”.

Pool would not be alone in making claims like these, as Matt Walsh would join in. Walsh, who recently made the anti-LGBTQ film “What Is A Woman?” (to answer the question of his film, a woman is something Matt Walsh has never sexually pleased)for Ben Shapiro’s garbage site The Daily Wire. What was Walsh’s take on what happened? In a video posted, he said this:

If [drag] is causing this much chaos and violence, why do you insist on continuing to do it? If according to you it’s putting people’s lives at risk… why are you still doing it, is it that important to you?

Matt Walsh, piece of shit

Ain’t that some, “Of course she was raped! Look at how she dressed…” bullshit.

Ben Shapiro, whose reaction to the song “WAP” makes me also think he may have problems pleasing women, didn’t address the shooting directly in the ten minutes I caught of his Monday radio show, but what he had to say fits into the conservative narrative. Shapiro was saying how he, his wife and his daughter all got rid of their Disney passes because they had succumb to the “woke left”. Now, let us be clear to exactly what that meant: Ben cancelled all of the passes for his family, and now his daughter is going to cry because the family will not be attending the Magic Kingdom based on her daddy’s bullshit principles.

But what was most telling was Shapiro’s example of the “woke” agenda. He pointed out that in Disney’s new cartoon, Strange World, one of the heroes is a gay boy whose father lovingly teases him after he unsuccessfully flirts. And this is the cherry on Republican’s anti-LGBTQ sundae.

When you hear people being called “groomers”, people like Walsh and Pool want you to think of people taking kids and sexually assaulting them. You know, like Catholic priests. (This, of course, is a joke, as people like Walsh would never say anything bad about catholicism). And they want you to believe that Drag Story Time and this Club Q drag brunch are doing exactly those things and we need to protect our children. But Shapiro said the quiet part loud and admitted what conservatives are truly afraid of: children being able to see that LGBTQ people exist in any way, shape or form.

This is why there are groups like Awake Illinois, an anti-mask anti-vax group who claims to want to protect children. How do they do that? By teaming up with the baby hate group The Proud Boys to intimidate places holding drag events for children. This paragraph only exists so I can tell Awake Illinois that the blood from Colorado Springs is on your hands, and it’s never fucking coming out.

I don’t know why these people think that if children are around a gay person that they will then, somehow, magically turn gay. I watched a ton of Winnie The Pooh growing up and have never wanted to walk around in just a red shirt. The real “groomer” here is someone like Shapiro, trying so desperately to make sure his daughter does not ingest any media that allows a LGBTQ person to exist, let alone have the support of a loving parent.

For fuck’s sake, Benny. Take your daughter to Epcot. Learn something about the world.

As much as I hate doing it, I now have to write about Donald Trump.

I know some of you are thinking, “Matt, we get that Donald Trump announced he’s running for President, but do you really think he embodies the views of the GOP?” And this is a good point. But did you know that, in 2016, Donald Trump not only ran for president, but he won? Well, kinda… he got smoked in the popular vote.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump decided he was going to have some guests over for a chat to his Mar-A-Largo hotel. Were those guests horrible and filled with irrational hate? Oh, you betcha!

Guest one was Ye, formerly known to all as rapper Kanye West. Ye got suspended from Twitter a while back, but it was all a big misunderstanding and once everyone took a breath, cooler heads prevailed. No… wait. That’s not what happened at all. Rather, I should have said that he was suspended for saying he was going to go “death con on 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”. The tweet began with Ye saying he was sleepy, but death con would began after he got some sleep, which shows how serious he is both about his anti-semitism as well as his proper self-care routines.

So, Ye is gross, which means it’s not a surprise that Trump allowed a meeting. He loves meeting with gross people. He brought Ted Nugent to the White House, and that dude is a sexual predator as proof by the Ted Nugent song, “I Am A Predator”. But this is a particular kind of gross that is surprising to see a political candidate align themselves with.

But wait… it gets worse.

Ye chose to travel with Nick Fuentes, a tiny ball of hate I’ve written about in other places on this site. If you’re not gonna read that article, just know that Fuentes checks all the boxes: openly white nationalist, openly anti-Semitic, open Holocaust denier. Here’s how horrible Nick Fuentes is: his appearance absolutely overshadowed the horrible stuff Ye said. It’s like Lil’ Nicky was Yeezy’s own personal Hitler blanket, taking all the flack for him.

Trump attempted to say he did not know Fuentes would be there, as if any guest of his hotel could just walk up to him and start talking to him and if they’re unhappy with the turndown service, the former leader of the free world would just send Barron right up to make sure those bed linens are crisp. But we now know that this hatred isn’t a side effect. It’s the main medicine.

I cannot imagine I have many conservative readers, and I certainly don’t imagine any of them are still reading, though I factually stand by everything I wrote in this essay. However, if there was some magic unicorn of a GOP member still reading, here is my question for you:

Now that you know what these people in your party have said, if you choose to still be part of the conservative movement, what does that say about you?

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