March Fatness Round 1, Day 1: Instant Reaction

Day one is in the books and for the most part, voting went completely as expected with only one upset, that is only an upset if you really think strongly of mediocre sandwiches. Here are some quick reactions from day 1 of the March Fatness Tournament.

1: The favorites marched through the brackets, with 7 of the 8 higher seeds moving on.

2: Only Jersey Mikes Supreme Sandwich, which was terribly overseeded at 6, lost. The Taco Bell Breakfast Crunchwrap carried 63 percent of the vote and is setting an early precedent that Taco Bell might be heavily involved deep in the tournament.

3: The only real nail biter of the first round was the Arbys Beef and Cheddar, an 8 seed, survived the passionate fanbase of the nine seed Five Guys Double Cheeseburger by a single vote. This could be the closest matchup we see all tournsment.

4: At one point yesterday, the 7 seeded Wendys Double Stack and ten seed White Castle Cheeseburger were tied. From that point, though, the voting swung decisively towards the Double Stack, and the Cheeseburger was eliminated with 40% of the vote. With its elimination, so goes one of my favorites to win the bracket.

5: Top seeded Popeyes Chicken Sandwich surprised nobody by having the widest margin of victory, beating the lowly KFC Coleslaw with 86% of the vote. What was surprising was the ass whipping Chipotle Burrito Bowl put on the McDonalds Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich only got 3 votes, which makes sense because it didnt deserve to be here in the first place!

6: The Little Ceasars Hot and Ready pizza lives to see another day! In spite of the smear campaign Matt Drufke rolled out against the humble pizza, it easily cruised to victory over the White Castle Bacon and Cheese Fries. It lines up now with another big winner, the Wendys Baconator in round 2.

7: After one day, White Castle is the obvious big loser, losing two of it’s entrants.

8: The Big Winner was Wendys, who went 2-0 in round 1, with a deep roster still to debut in the coming days.

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