The Reasons Why Donald Trump May Announce His 2024 Presidential Campaign Shortly (and the one reason that is absolutely not true)

If you are to believe Alex Jones and Roger Stone, Donald Trump will be using the Independence Day holiday as the way to kick off his 2024 run for office of President Of The United States of America, a job he recently held until Joe Biden absolutely decimated him in the 2020 election. Now, short of mental illness, I’m not sure why anyone would trust anything Jones or Stone says, but I do think their prediction has a chance of coming true.

Let’s talk about why.

Does Donald Trump want money?

Of course he does. He’s Donald Trump. But this may be less about wanting money as it might be about him needing money. If things are to be believed, the January 6th committee has been working very hard to prove Trump’s complicity with the events at the Capitol building and charges may be coming. And if Trump is going to fight those charges, he will need good lawyers, and those do not come cheap.

Running for president will allow Trump to beg the American people for money again while conning them into what the money is for. Remember how he raised a lot of money saying it was needed to contest the 2020 election results? Yeah, most of that money went to recouping money he had personally spent during his 2020 run. But he couldn’t tell that to his conservative base, because he’s supposed to be super-rich and trying to help the little guy. You can’t help the little guy while asking them to send a reoccurring monthly donation to make yourself whole while the most milquetoast candidate in recent democratic politics was beating you like a drum. So, it’s the return to the grift.

Does Donald Trump want to escape the recent bad press?

No shit, Sherlock.

Trump has not exactly come off as the most stable dude to ever hold the office lately. And he may be attacking the credibility of the 1/6 committee, but no one can deny that they’re doing an effective job of showing just exactly what an unhinged psychopath he was on that day (and the period leading up to it). In fact, I had always just assumed that Trump understood there was no fucking way he was going to be able to overturn the election results but he had to keep saying that over and over because it was the only way the money would keep flowing. But it turns out that the dude may be stupid as he is corrupt.

A campaign announcement not only allows Trump to get some positive momentum, but it would allow him to have more control over the narrative of the 1/6 committee. Because right now, they’re just attacking a fucking nutjob who let power absolutely run havok on his senses. But, if he lets it be known he’s running for President, then he’s a fucking power-hungry nutjob who is also the front-runner for the GOP ticket.

It’s also quite possible that Trump feels the noose tightening around his neck. It will be much easier for the GOP to paint any prosecution as excessively partisan if the former president is officially running. I think everyone knows that and, if Trump feels like an indictment is coming, he may attempt to use a campaign as cover.

Does Donald Trump want to get back on Twitter?

He says he doesn’t, but he absolutely does.

Trump may be saying what a wonderful application Truth Social is, but the reality is, no one except for die-hard supporters give a shit about it. And Trump needs social media, especially if he wants to be president. Twitter was the way Trump forced every minute of the 2016 news cycle to be about him. When his opponents were gaining ground, he would tweet something insane and then the media would be forced to ask the rest of the field about those tweets. Trump is very dumb in some regards, but the man could fucking teach a class on how to use social media to draw the most possible attention to yourself. And Truth Social does not have the eyes to draw people in.

Now, you may think, “Well, he’s banned from Twitter. There’s no way they will let him back on the site if he’s running for office.” And while it’s true that his personal account will probably never return, he could create a @Trump2024 account and post all of the hot nonsense he wants. It’s a sneaky way around the system, but it goes back to my previous point: Twitter would be much more hesitant to remove a campaign account because they do not want people to talk about liberal Big Tech trying to stifle conservative voices. It’s kind of genius, in a super-gross nauseating way.

Does Donald Trump want to be president again?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know this: the earlier he announces his campaign, the more likely it is he will have his party’s nomination.

Since he stepped down from office in January of last year, Trump has done a very good job of making sure no one else even expresses the slightest interest about running for the highest office in the land. He knows the rallies and news stories and interviews keep him in the spotlight to remind anyone who may want to throw their hat in the ring that the MAGA crowd is his fucking crowd and good luck trying to win anything without the MAGAs these days. Trump did not change the ideals of the GOP in 2016, he just changed their loyalty. It became his party and I don’t think he’s going to let go so easily.

However, with every story of him trying to choke out a driver or throwing food or possible indictments, very tiny cracks are starting to show. And while I highly doubt a whiny piece of garbage like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would try and slip through those cracks, I would not count out Ron DeSantis trying.

DeSantis has made all kinds of headlines that are the perfect red meat for the MAGA base. He gave COVID the middle finger, led the fake war on “classroom grooming” and even took on Disney. There may come a point when the MAGAs are talking about what a terrible president Joe Biden is and then the smartest among them might ask, “Well, yeah… but what does that say about the guy whose ass he kicked in an election?”

The easiest way for Trump to shut this down is to be the first to announce. That alone might be enough for DeSantis to turn tail and hide for another four years, or possibly seek the vice-presidency. I don’t know if Trump can win the GOP nomination if he announces on July 4th. But, every day that goes by, I know it will be harder for him to get it if he doesn’t announce sooner rather than later.

Does Donald Trump care about America?

No. He does not.

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