Well, if you’re just going to come right out and tell us you’re horrible fascists…

It’s been two days since the Supreme Court decided to overturn the Roe V Wade ruling which has been part of our nation for the last five decades, and you can already feel that our country is different. By different, I, of course, mean worse.

In May, when Politico leaked a draft opinion of Justice Alito, we all knew this was coming. I wrote a piece back and I’m going to try and not repeat any of what I said then, except to remind us all of this one fact: In 2017, the amount of abortions in this country (total, not per capita) reached pre-Roe numbers for the first time. The number of yearly abortions had been dropping since the mid-80s and the number of women who were injured or killed during unlicensed abortions had decreased significantly. As of today, in a majority of states, that protection is gone.

One thing these last 48 hours has made me ponder. You know how all of those anti-vax, anti-mask ding dongs claimed that all of the COVID preventative measures weren’t about public safety, they were about government control? And you know how all the people again basic and simple gun control reform tell us how those measures are not about safety, they’re about control? Where are all those people? Why aren’t the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers (the ones not about to be found guilty of sedition) considering this an infringement of freedom and why aren’t they storming the Supreme Court?

We all know the answer: Because all of those people knew what they were saying before was bullshit. They don’t care about this, which is very clearly an issue of control, because they don’t care about the people being controlled. If anything has happened since Friday, it’s allowed conservatives to say the quiet part loud. And they’ve been saying it a lot.

Let’s look at two cases.

Clarence Thomas

Almost immediately after the verdict had come out, people noticed that Justice Thomas had wasted no time in setting his sights on what should be next. In his opinion, Thomas wrote that this was the perfect time to “reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents”. And before you are accusing some of overreacting, he just went ahead and named cases. The three he mentioned: a couple’s right to contraception, the legality of homosexual intercourse, and same-sex marriage.

Thomas knows that he no longer has to hide behind saying what he truly wants, which is for this court and it’s conservative super-majority to start doing all the things he wants it to do. Which is funny, because I thought conservatives hated judicial activism.

Mary Miller

So, if Thomas made it very clear that conservatives were coming after the LGBTQ in this country, who in the party would let us know how they felt about African-Americans? I figured it would be Donald Trump, but I was wrong. It was the woman standing next to him last night.

Mary Miller, a Trump-endorsed congresswoman running for re-election, spoke at a Trump rally in Mendon, Illinois last night. Now, it should be known that on January 6, 2021, Miller was part of the Trump rally which was immediately followed by the failed insurrection attempt on the Capitol building. I mention that because Miller took a considerable amount of grief for giving props to Hitler and saying he was right when he knew controlling the youth was key to controlling the future.

Now this is a particularly horrible and stupid thing to say unless you’re trying to clue your base into the fact that there are some issues in which you and Hitler agree. However, I’m sure Miller learned from that and would then focus on not saying another tremendously stupid thing like that except no, she didn’t.

Last night, while praising Trump’s SCOTUS choices, Miller called the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday a, “historic victory for white life.” Her office tried to tell people it was a mix-up of words, and I’m sure that it’s not written down on paper or was supposed to be part of her speech. Those words were just something on Miller’s mind. And soul. And lips.

By the way, I am- in no way- saying Democrats aren’t to blame here, also.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that, if they really wanted to, they could have codified Roe into law the moment Alito’s decision was leaked. But they just sat and waited and now are feigning outrage while asking for votes and money. And I get that, because all indications show that the GOP is going to have massive gains in November and take back the Senate and, probably, the House. But it’s real hard for me to heed their battle cry when their cry seems to be, “Wait five months and then help us and hope we’re better than we were.”

So, what can be done?

Well, the Biden administration seems to be ignoring my repeated calls to expand SCOTUS so we can include every member of BTS. Government seems to care more about giving additional armies of security to protect judges as opposed to trying to help women. Republicans have shown they only care about fetuses and once they are born, they’re on their fucking own. And Democrats have shown they are just trying to hold on to power they don’t understand and don’t want to use.

So, I guess it’s up to us.

When protestors took to the street outside the Arizona statehouse, I audibly laughed as Arizona Republicans attempted to brand the march as an “insurrection”. If that worked on you, you’re as stupid as they think you are. There’s a reason why they did that: it’s because things like that are thing only things they’re afraid of.

Conservatives will call any protest happening a riot much like they did with the BLM marches of 2020. They will paint anyone trying to make a public stand as anti-patriotic and a thug who needs to be arrested. They will attempt to label critics as the enemy in the hope that eventually, things die down and people will just accept it.

Because, in the end, it’s all about control. And we have to do something about it.

One thought on “Well, if you’re just going to come right out and tell us you’re horrible fascists…

  1. I thought your post was interesting but was also ignorant of our Constitution. Your points of concern are valid, and can be considered at the individual state level. You see, these issues you mention are not the place for the federal government. The SCOTUS violated the 10th amendment of our Constitution passing Roe v wade etc. These are state rights. Why on earth would you want to live under a central government with no way out? If you want an abortion, travel to a state where they provide them. Maybe you live in a Conservative state and need to live in a more liberal one. Consider moving and stop whining over our Constitution.


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