The Last Thing America Needs Right Now: A White Man’s Thoughts On Roe V. Wade

I get it. You don’t want to hear from me. I don’t really want to hear from me. As I’m sitting in bed waiting for my son to wake up, all I’m thinking is that I’m the last person who should be writing right now.

There are better voices. Smarter voices. People who can tell you what this means in a larger contextual purpose or what we, as a country should be doing.

I’m not one of those people. I’m still asking questions. Because I don’t understand how we got here.

Overturning Roe V. Wade isn’t about reducing the number of abortions. There are less abortions in this country right now then there were before the judgment. The numbers make it perfectly clear: the best way to have the smallest amount of abortions in this country is to make them legal and safe.

It’s not about being pro-life. All this is going to do is lead to more injuries and deaths as women will get more and more desperate.

It’s not about a populist movement. The overwhelming majority of people in this country want Roe V. Wade to be the law of the land. So this isn’t about the will of the people.

I guess what this is about is a group of loud fanatics who were so desperate to have their ways and beliefs mean something that they were going to stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They don’t care if it’s popular. Or safe. I doubt, at this point, they even care if they’re right.

This is gonna be a quick piece. I guess I just wanted to emphasize two points and they come at such different ends of the emotional spectrum.

First, there is anger towards all of the news shows focusing on how Politico obtained a leaked copy of the judgment and their fake outrage on this. Fuck you all. This is a real thing with real consequences and for you to have faux outrage over the set dressing is disgusting.

Lastly, the other thing I thought of as I was doom-scrolling social media last night was how sad it was that so many people were celebrating what is about to come from SCOTUS. But many were not celebrating because this was something they believed was right; they were celebrating because people with different political views were hurting.

The saddest thing about American politics today is the pure joy some get in watching the people they view as their enemies get angry or upset. It’s cold and it’s cruel and all too easy when we can do it behind the safety of our internet devices. America is hurting and some find that hilarious. And it all breaks my fucking heart.

I’m not telling anyone here how to feel. You should be mad or sad or feeling hopeless. Hell, if you think what is going to happen is good, I will not even say your happiness is wrong, though I vehemently disagree with it. But, right now, as so many people are despondent, try to be a voice of care and support. You don’t have to know the answer. You just have to let people know you’re here.

To all my friends out there: I’m here for you.

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