These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,

I wrote some words and I think that I’m smitten,

Brown paper packages tied up with strings,

These words are a few of my favorite things.

Hey internet fans of Fancy Boys, here’s a recap of 2020 articles as written by… moi… with a few fun facts to know and tell about Julie Andrews.

Prop Bets for the Super Bowl

Prop bets are fun, period. Plus, they are a lot more fun than drinking too much and throwing up on your party host’s Packers jersey while she’s wearing it. Host throws of a string of epithets like…

Julie Andrews swears a lot. Self-confessed, she cusses like a drunk sailor on leave.

Stupid People and COVID

Matt Drufke created the title and I still love it. It’s true though, and those who still think COVID is no big deal are complete morons. Speak of necks…

Julie Andrews lost her singing voice in a botched vocal cord surgery – she won a lawsuit against the hospital later, but still, awful.

Wonders of Woodstock, Part I

The fun part about the Wonders of Woodstock was I never wrote part II. Why you ask? Umm… COVID. Just rendered the whole exercise moot. But wonders will never cease, including this one:

Julie Andrews bared her breasts in the film “SOB.” Yeah, pretty nifty, and it doesn’t take much imagination to roll that over to good old Maria – probably in front of the Von Trapp kids too.

Eating Healthy During the Pandemic is for Suckers

It’s true and I still stand by it. Just keep this in mind – everything in moderation. Even when singing to children, Julie:

Julie Andrews performed in blackface – yeah it was as Mary Poppins with soot, but shame shame shame.

Notes on a Cross Country Move

There are a lot of crazy things that can happen when you move yourself cross country and your mind tends to wander. Never got to this level though, Julie. Mind blown.

Julie Andrews was in “Aquaman” shocking I know, but she voiced Karathen, the very powerful sentient sea creature.

So that’s my quick recap for my 2020 articles. As a group of Fancy Boys, we’ve got a lot of articles in store for you for 2021 so bookmark the home page or follow us on the Book of Faces or just text Matt Drufke at odd hours of the night and ask when the next article is being posted. Kidding on the last suggestion… I think.

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