Countdown To Hope And Joy And Also Chris Rock



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The world gets better

There is no way to understate this: Life, as we know it, is going to get better in a few weeks.

Look, I get it. Even with the birth of my son in July, this has been a hard year. A global pandemic. Constant bickering. Racial tensions boiling over. Also, Jim Jordan is a thing and that’s gross.

But it’s gonna get better. I promise you it’s gonna get better.

How do I know this?

Because Fargo is coming back to television on September 27th.

First off, if you’ve been a long-time Fancy Boy reader, I get that this might sound like a broken record. Back in January, I wrote about the ten most anticipated television events of 2020 and only talked about Fargo. Back in March, I was given the number-one overall pick for our draft of shows to stream during the pandemic, and, of course, I took Fargo.

I cannot stress this enough: Fargo is the greatest show in the history of television. This is not an overstatement. This is not a drill. If you’re not watching this show, the only explanation is that you’re a big dummy who hates being entertained. And you’re not a dummy, are you, dummy?

You can catch up with all past seasons on Hulu. Season four begins September 27th on FX.

No matter what happens, we’re all gonna be ok.

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