The Top Ten Shows You Should Be Excited About In 2020

Nope. Just kidding. There’s only one show you should be pumped about. And it’s the return of Fargo.

While it’s true that this is the golden age of television, and has provided some of the best shows and seasons that the medium has given us, there is no show to get more excited for than the return of Fargo.

Executive produced by Joel & Ethan Coen and created by the brilliant Noah Hawley, Fargo sets the bar for every show on television. If I only had to watch one television show all year, you can keep everything else and give me whatever FX is planning on doing.

I remember that comedian Marty DeRosa insisted that my wife and I watch the show, and we were absolutely blown away by season one and it’s amazing cast of Martin Freeman and Key & Peele and Oliver Platt and Colin Hanks and Billy Bob Thorton. It was funny and suspenseful and just beautifully insane.

And, somehow, season two is even better. In fact, it’s the best season of television that’s ever existed.

Season three featured incredible performances from David Thewlis and Ewan McGregor playing twins, and while it was a letdown (because how do you compete after the best season of television ever?), it was still really fucking good.

And now there’s season 4.

Set in 1950 (every season of the show is set in a different time period with only small connections to previous seasons), the latest season of Noah Hawley’s crime-comedy-suspense-whatever else the fuck you want to call it has a cast which boasts Chris Rock, Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, and Timothy Olyphant, so you know the show is going to have plenty of big performances. And with Hawley running the show, you know whatever happens, it’s gonna be good.

Let’s get ready for Fargo.

The season premiere of Fargo is Sunday, April 19th on FX.

2 thoughts on “The Top Ten Shows You Should Be Excited About In 2020

  1. Totally agree! Fargo the spinoff has that same quality that the Coens’ film–and all their films, really–evinces. It makes you wonder, “why can’t everything be this good?”


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