Cannabis Corner: Rick Simpson Oil – Snake Oil or Medical Miracle?


I decided to do my follow up piece to the first Cannabis Corner about Rick Simpson Oil. This was selfish decision because I wanted to learn more about it and none of you had asked me any questions yet. So I set out to dive into this subject yesterday. And I am disappointed to report back that that Rick Simpson himself is a total nut job and digging into the subject was actually exhausting.

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Cannabis Corner with Katie Keller

Cannabis Corner with Katie Keller

Ah, cannabis. A plant federally recognized as a schedule 1 drug while being legalized for recreational use in 12 states, with a total of 33 states legalizing it for medicinal use. And yet somehow there is still so much debate about whether it’s good or bad for you. I will preface this article and any of the like by stating that I am not a doctor. I can only speak to my own experience with weed and through the organizations I have been apart of to advocate for the plant. But I have an insider look from grow house, to distribution, to consumption and effects. So consider this a cannabis safe space. Want to ask about rigs for concentrates? I’m your girl. Want to know how to dose your mom or dad who are in pain but don’t want to get stoned – I can give you some insight there too. Want to just chat with someone about how much better food tastes when you’re high – reach out! 

Whether or not you have burning questions about weed – I will check in here regularly to give you up to date information about the laws surrounding the plant as they continue to grow and change. I will also speak to my own personal experiences, for better or worse, so you can safely and responsibly enjoy cannabis if you are legally allowed to do so in your state, and assuming you are also of age.

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Understanding Fandoms & The Defense of Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Show

I am a 32 year old woman with posters of Taylor Swift taped to my wall. I know that sounds insane. And what’s more insane is they live on the wall of an apartment I share with my 28 year old boyfriend, who couldn’t be less interested in Taylor Swift or the fandom I so desperately cling to to feel close to an artist I love.

I spent a lot of my 20s thinking that the trends and art people enjoyed were a judge of them as a person. If they loved something that I thought was stupid, that somehow correlated into meaning that that person was also probably stupid. So when I explain in this article the way I feel “fandoms” are perceived by both genders, I am in no way saying either is worse or more at fault for these very backwards assumptions. I think it’s something we as humans confuse, and that itself is not gender specific.

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