Cannabis Corner with Katie Keller

Ah, cannabis. A plant federally recognized as a schedule 1 drug while being legalized for recreational use in 12 states, with a total of 33 states legalizing it for medicinal use. And yet somehow there is still so much debate about whether it’s good or bad for you. I will preface this article and any of the like by stating that I am not a doctor. I can only speak to my own experience with weed and through the organizations I have been apart of to advocate for the plant. But I have an insider look from grow house, to distribution, to consumption and effects. So consider this a cannabis safe space. Want to ask about rigs for concentrates? I’m your girl. Want to know how to dose your mom or dad who are in pain but don’t want to get stoned – I can give you some insight there too. Want to just chat with someone about how much better food tastes when you’re high – reach out! 

Whether or not you have burning questions about weed – I will check in here regularly to give you up to date information about the laws surrounding the plant as they continue to grow and change. I will also speak to my own personal experiences, for better or worse, so you can safely and responsibly enjoy cannabis if you are legally allowed to do so in your state, and assuming you are also of age.

Before I start ranting about my love for the cannabis plant and all things associated with the physical and emotional effects it brings – let me give you a bit of history as to why the plant means so much to me. Like most young stoners, I discovered pot when I was 13 years old hanging out with my best friend’s older neighbor. And, man oh man, let me tell you – I loved the stuff immediately! For someone who has always experienced very high peaks of anxiety to very low dives into depression; weed always brought me to a calm middle place. The prescription drugs from psychiatrists has always been ever-changing in my life, but the presence of weed has remained consistent.

Then there is the recreational side of the plant: listen, when I lived in the Midwest I drank EVERY DAY. I loved drinking. It’s what I did with my friends, it’s what I did when I was happy, when I was sad – it’s what I did because often times there was nothing else to do. Since moving to Los Angeles three years ago, I drink at most 1-2 times a week. And that’s on the higher end. Sure I smoke weed every day, but the physical effects of one of those recreational activities takes far less toll on your body than the other. (The alcohol, that’s the one that’ll literally kill ya).

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, I started meeting people in the industry with backgrounds in developing the first underground delivery services, to people who treat their children’s severe epilepsy with THC (the active compound in Cannabis that has psychotropic effects) which has led to an infinitely increased quality of life for all types of people. That’s when I started caring about the plant more than just to calm me down after a long work day – or getting stoned with some friends while re-watching The South Park Movie. I realized that big pharma has a lot to lose from seeing a plant that can grow in anyone’s backyard potentially take the place of the substances they push to patients who are taught to trust their doctors since, well forever.

So that’s where I stand on cannabis, and why I advocate for it. I am still taking an SSRI in addition to anti-anxiety medicine. I don’t believe cannabis is a cure all. But I think it’s a part of our culture now, for better or worse, and there needs to be conversations about it so people are properly educated. So I am going to attempt to do that here.

Leave a comment below with your questions, or email us directly at and I’ll be back soon with a riveting article about Rick Simpson Oil. Trust me folks, you aren’t going to want to miss this one!

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