March Music Madness: Round 1 Results

Over 4 days, we knocked out the first round of March Music Madness. We added up all the votes that came to this site, plus our Facebook and Twitter. Let’s see how the bracket looks and what next week will have for us!

Drufke Region (1993-95)

(1) Loser- Beck made easy work of (16) Fade Into You- Mazzy Star, 68%-32%.
(8) You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette took care of (9) Heart-Shaped Box- Nirvana, 72%-28%.
(5) Wonderwall- Oasis continued the chalk streak against (12) She Don’t Use Jelly- Flaming Lips, 66%-34%.
(4) Mr. Jones- Counting Crows decimated (13) Cotton Eye Joe- Rednex, 87%-13%.
(3) Closer- Nine Inch Nails just barely beat (14) Kiss From A Rose, 51%-49%.
(6) Basket Case- Green Day knocked out (11) Insane In The Brain, 80%-20%.
(10) Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead was the lone upset, beating (7) In The Garage- Weezer, 53%-47%.
(2) I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston gets the win against (15) I’d Do Anything For Love- Meat Loaf

Andreasen Region (1998-2000)

(1) My Name Is- Eminem whomped on (16) Butterfly- Crazytown, 72%-28%.
(9) Guerilla Radio- Rage Against The Machine raged against (8) Ruff Ryders Anthem- DMX, 60%-40%.
(12) One Step Closer- Linkin Park got one step closer to winning, upsetting (5) Got The Life- Korn, 57%-43%.
(4) What’s My Age Again- Blink-182 made easy work out of beating (13) Eve 6, 71%-29%.
(14) Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger pulled off a huge upset against (3) The Kids Aren’t All Right- The Offspring, 69%-31%.
(6) My Own Worst Enemy- Lit pulled off a nail-biter against (11) Dragula- Rob Zombie, 53%-47%.
(7) Ride Wit’ Me- Nelly barely overcame (10) Rollin’- Limp Bizkit, 53%,-47%.
(2) Bawitdaba- Kid Rock needed one extra vote to declare victory over (15) Higher- Creed, 51%-49%.

The Grace Region(2001-2003)

(1) Lose Yourself- Eminem is the second Eminem song to move on, beating (16) What’s Golden- Jurassic 5, 81%-19%
(8) Crazy In Love- Beyonce (feat. Jay-Z) took out (9) Hey Ma- Cam’ron, 75%-25%.
(12) Hero- Chad Kroeger (feat. Josey Scott) overcame (5) Where The Party At?- Jagged Edge, 56%-44%.
(4) Numb- Linkin Park sent (13) Send The Pain Below- Chevelle way below, 87%-13%.
(3) Work It- Missy Elliott worked over (14) Welcome To Atlanta- Jermaine Dupri, 78%-22%.
(6) Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World knocked out (11) All You Wanted- Michelle Branch, 66%-34%.
(7) Get Low- Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys made sue (10) Get By- Talib Kweli got by, beating it 72%-28%.
(15) Seven Nation Army- White Stripes went to war against (2) Go With The Flow- Queens Of The Stone Age, winning 73%-27%.

The Drummond Region (2006-2008)

(1) Welcome To The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance made sure all #1 seeds advanced, taking quick care of (16) Thrash Unreal- Against Me!, 84%-16%.
(8) When You Were Young- The Killers whomped on (9) Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Radiohead, 78%-22%.
(12) Dashboard- Modest Mouse upset (5) Misery Business- Paramore, 55%-45%.
(4) Poker Face- Lady Gaga won it’s hand against (13) Stuck Between Stations- The Hold Steady, 70%-30%.
(3) Umbrella- Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z) made it rain against (14) A-Punk- Vampire Weekend, 65%-35%.
(11) The Pretender- Foo Fighters won over the higher-seeded (6) MakeDamnSure- Taking Back Sunday, 55%-45%.
(7) Low- Flo Rida (feat. T-Pain) made pretenders out of (10) Time To Pretend- MGMT, 60%-40%.
(2) Rehab- Amy Winehouse was no match for (15) The Diary Of Jane- Breaking Benjamin, winning easily 68%-32%.

This week’s match-ups!

On Monday, the Drufke region will be back and fighting. Brandon Andreasen returns on Tuesday with his region. Michael Grace helps us get past Humpday with his matches. Thursday, Jake Breunig will finish off our quest to the sweet 16. See you tomorrow for more voting! Two of the first 32 matches were settled by one vote, so make sure you are voting and sharing!

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