Fancy Boys Club March Music Madness 2023: The Drufke Region (1993-1995), Round 2

Four Fancy Boys Club writers- Matt Drufke, Brandon Andreasen, Michael Grace and Jake Drummond- each chose 16 songs from their first two years of high school that had a profound impact on them. From there, the March Music Madness bracket was born.

We said farewell to 32 songs last week. From now through Thursday, it’s Round 2 to get to the Sweet Sixteen. You can vote at our Facebook or our Twitter or at the polls at the bottom of this page.

We wish the best of luck to all the challengers.

Last Tuesday, the Drufke Region kicked off and it was epic. With only one upset, chalk prevailed as the top six seeds all advanced, though Nine Inch Nails was given a scare and won by only one vote. We said goodbye to Meat Loaf and the Rednex will never again let us know where Cotton Eye Joe came from or where he was going. What will Round 2 hold for us?

Let’s figure it out together!

Make sure to vote and share! And check in tomorrow for the Andreasen Region.

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