The Best Understanding of Why You Should Yell at a Douchebag at a Steakhouse…

Wednesday, news was made when pro-choice activists staked out a Morton’s Steakhouse where Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was eating. According to reports, these protestors called the restaurant and demanded Kavanaugh be kicked out and were yelling so fiercely that the justice had to leave out the back. The restaurant chain called the yelling by the activists, “an act of selfishness and void of deceny”, and if they think that’s bad, they should see some of the bullshit this dickhead Kavanaugh has been doing from the bench!

A lot of the same conservatives who are condemning what happened Wednesday are the same people who also have the dumbest arguments against a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive care. So when they tell us that we shouldn’t be ok with what happened outside this Morton’s all I can think to respond is, “You were the ones who wrote the playbook.”

This post would not have been made without the brilliant Jennifer Wright, who tweeted this on Saturday:

Wright is, of course, one hundred percent correct and this needed to be my opening salvo because not only was this the inspiration for what I’m about to write, but I refuse to take credit for someone else’s genius. But yelling at dipshit Kavanaugh is more than a state’s rights issues… it’s a matter of choice and personal responsibility.

We’re told over and over from the anti-choice mob that a pregnancy could be a consequence from a night of sex and that women should be forced to accept that responsibility. But Kavanaugh had to know that his choice to vote the way he did would cause negative repercussions. And he had to assume his choice to go out for an enjoyable steak might put him in the crosshairs of upset people. But he wanted to ABORT any of those negative repercussions that his actions caused, all while knowing that Brett Kavanaugh would enjoy that steak more than any woman he’s been with has enjoyed a night with Brett Kavanaugh.

Also, more people died from the flu than being heckled outside a steakhouse… wait, that’s a different argument.

Of course, you could make freedom of speech arguments and everything else to justify what happened. But we all know those. So I’ll just remind you that none of the people decrying the people outside that restaurant said jack shit when Christine Blasey Ford was harrassed so badly following her testimony that she had to move and change jobs.

Fuck any of the people who were silent then but being assholes now. Fuck Morton’s for their weak-ass reply. Fuck Brett Kavanaugh for, well, being Brett Kavanaugh.

And to all the people outside of that steakhouse, keep it up. Do not let this asshole have his steak and eat it, too.

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