You Can Receive 81,282,632 Votes And Still Have Nobody Like You

At the time I’m writing this, President Joe Biden has an approval rating, according to the FiveThirtyEight site, of 41.8%, and that is not a good number. It’s not the worst his approval ratings have been at, but I don’t see it taking any monumental changes anytime soon. It appears that Biden will have the same fate of former President Trump, whose approval rating always seemed to stay between 40-43%.

Liberals are disappointed with him because he’s unable to do any of the things they want him to do because of the razor-thin Senate majority. Conservatives hate him because their hearts are mostly empty, like the Grinch in the beginning and middle of the book. The media doesn’t like him because they cannot fill their day like they did with Trump. This is just speculation, but I bet even the White House chefs don’t like him, because he seems like the kind of motherfucker whose idea of a perfect meal is just plain white rice and a glass of tap water.

We all don’t like the dude. But we also knew that when we elected him.

Before the 2020 election, I had faith in the American people. Then Joe fucking Biden came along and changed all of that.

In every election in my lifetime before this most recent one, the American people have voted for a candidate of ideas and beliefs. Therefore, it is always much more difficult to run against a sitting president seeking re-election, because we know what that dude’s views are and it kind of forces his opponent to adopt a campaign slogan of, “Hey! I’m not the other guy!” instead of promoting their own platforms and agendas.

Just look at this century. John Kerry ran on, “I’m not Bush!” and lost. Mitt Romney ran on, “I’m not Obama!” and got creamed. Then 2016 came around and Donald Trump in his campaign did two things extraordinarily well. First, while he wasn’t running against Barack Obama, he set himself up as the polar opposite of the last eight years: If Obama was a socially progressive man of color, then Trump would be everyone’s racist uncle that no one likes to see at Thanksgiving.

But, more importantly, he got his talking points out early. It was not hard to understand what the Trump campaign was about, because people would chant it at rallies- he wanted to build a border wall and imprison his political rivals. Are those good platforms? Fuck no. But he got them out and yelled them loud. This made the Clinton campaign to make the worst mistake they possibly could have made: they were no longer running on their own ideals and platforms, they were running on, “I’m not Trump”. And even though more Americans voted for her, the plan failed for Hillary.

So it absolutely stunned me when Joe Biden ran the exact same strategy. It was like he made the decision to become the most bland milquetoast human that ever existed. And, in fairness to the Biden campaign, that strategy worked. When Trump’s lackeys took to news shows, they could not figure out what they wanted the narrative to be. Was Biden a dementia-suffering old goat who barely understood where he was? It didn’t seem like it. Also, the GOP tried to paint Biden as someone who got nothing done after years of service and ALSO someone who would bring the country to its knees with his evil socialist agenda, and you cannot be both of those things at the same time.

I never expected it to work.I guessed I misjudged it all.

Two last thoughts:

First off, what hurts the democrats is that because no one likes Joe Biden, he ain’t exactly motivating the base. The 2022 midterms are going to be a slaughterhouse and then Biden will spend the next two years in gridlock before the election. However, this is where he has hope.

Because here is my second thought: At this point, it appears that the likely GOP candidate will be Donald Trump. Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis are too scared to incur Trump’s wrath by making any big splashes, and I’m not sure there’s another name big enough to outshine the shadow Trump has cast on the party. Maybe if every racist on Facebook somehow Voltronned together, they could form something that could combat him, but I’m not sure if Voltron only gets one vote or a vote for every part, so the primary electoral math gets complicated.

And we’ve seen what happens in a Trump-Biden election. It’s not like Joe Biden became more unlikable since the election. Everyone knew he would be a disappointment. And while it sucks to be proven right about that, no one was surprised. But, just remember this: if Joe Biden is a dementia-suffering, America-hating do-nothing, what does that say about the guy whose ass he kicked in the last election?

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