The REAL January 6th Story The Liberal Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About

As the House committee on the events of domestic terrorism on January 6th of this year keep rolling on, we have rarely found ourselves surprised by any of the news or developments. Sure, the committee suggested that Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and Mark Meadows be indicted, but I’ve been suggesting that for those idiots for over a decade now. Can you indict someone for being a turd? No? Well, you should be able to.

However, real news happened yesterday when Congresswoman Liz Cheney revealed some of the texts sent to Meadows (then Chief Of Staff) on the day that democracy almost died. People were obviously calling for President Trump to do something; that’s not surprising. What is surprising is who was reaching out to Meadows: Fox News personalities Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade and Sean Hannity. Oh, and also Donald Trump Jr., who shares such a similar name with the former president that one would almost be able to conclude that they are related.

The news shocked people and was one of the major stories this week. So, it came as no surprise that the media is covering this story 100% wrong.

Stupid, stupid media.

Mark Meadows, giant turd. (Photo credit: AP)

There are two takeaways that no one here is talking about, and I’m just going to make this short and sweet:

  1. It’s no surprise that Fox media personalities are chummy with the President. However, how is no one pointing out the hypocrisy? I want you to imagine a situation where, during a period of crisis, it was revealed that Rachel Maddow or Brian Williams or Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer or whoever else people consider liberal media shills sent text advice to the Chief Of Staff to any liberal politician (Biden, Obama, Clinton, etc.). Could you imagine any scenario in which that isn’t the major story on Fox for the next infinity years? Of course not. Tucker Carlson would open every show talking about state run media while every talking head would be listening to guest Ted Nugent talk about how this is an assault on the first amendment, right before he complains how the Fox college interns are too old for him.

Nothing is more hypocritical than the Fox slogan, “Fair and balanced”. I get that every one of those anchors is trained to whine and moan about liberal media bias (despite the fact that very little of it exists), but if you’re so worried about media bias, you goal should not be to be biased towards your (and your racist family members) political views. You goal should be an attempt to become the most impartial and neutral news source on the planet. Fox sucks.

2. Donald Trump Jr. was trying to get Mark Meadows to make his dad do something. That is laughably sad. Why could he just not, you know, call his dad himself? He probably doesn’t even have his number. If this were Succession, Don Jr. wouldn’t be Kendall. He wouldn’t even be Greg. He would be the guy who had to get Greg coffee. What a joke.

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