The FBC live blog of the MLB’s Hell Day

I have been looking forward to this day since it was announced. I wasn’t sure it would happen, but here we are. EIGHT PLAYOFF GAMES. It may never happen again, folks. So today, we’re going to do something stupid. A live blog from first pitch to last pitch of the eight game slate. Four teams, including two of our World Series champion picks… are on the chopping block. So, here is the plan, according to Indianapolis Coastal Time (aka Eastern time).

Game 1- Reds @ Braves 12pm
Game 2- Astros @ Twins 1pm
Game 1- Marlins @ Cubs 2pm
Game 2- White Sox @ Athletics 3pm
Game 2- Blue Jays @ Rays 4pm
Game 1- Cardinals @ Padres 5pm
Game 2- Yankees @ Indians 7pm
Game 1- Brewers @ Dodgers 10pm

And here… we… go…

11:55am (EST) – Reds @ Braves: Trevor Bauer (5-4, 1.73 ERA, 100 K, 0.79 WHIP) v. Max Fried (7-0, 2.25 ERA, 50 K, 1.09 WHIP) are the starters for game one. Bauer, the likely Cy Young winner, is 1-4 all time in the postseason, including 0-2 in the 2016 World Series. I’ll probably bring that thing up a few times, so strap in. Fried is making his first postseason start after four appearances in relief. He won’t get at bats today, but he did have 4 RBI in last year’s playoffs.

12:08pm (EST) – Reds @ Braves: First pitch from Max Fried and the Hell Day is underway in Atlanta. And the no-hitter is over. After getting runners on the corners, the Reds squander it, as they always do.

12:33pm (EST) – Reds @ Braves: Joey Votto bobbles the the throw from Moustakas and the Braves have their first baserunner in Ozzie Albies. Bauer likely screaming internally.

12:41pm (EST) – Reds @ Braves: Alex Rodriguez fumbles his way through “when the toughs get going… so does Mr. Bauer.”

1:00pm (EST) – Reds @ Braves: Bauer really has the slider cooking today. The braves lineup seems to be downright baffled. He knocks down Acuna with a 95 mph fastball and its 5 strikeouts for the Reds’ ace.

1:08pm (EST) – Astros @ Twins: Jose Day in Minneapolis as Jose Urquidy (1-1, 2.73 ERA, 17 K, 1.011 WHIP) starts for Houston and Jose “Bad News” Berrios (5-4, 4.00 ERA, 68 K, 1.317 WHIP) tries to keep the season going for the Twins. This is the first postseason game in MLB history where both starting pitchers are named Jose. Astros manager Dusty Baker has lost 10 straight potential series-clinching games and the Twins have lost 17 straight postseason games, currently the worst in American sports history. One might confuse this with a Drowning Pool song because… something’s got to give.

1:22pm (EST) – Reds @ Braves: Bauer up to 7 strikeouts as he paints the corner with an 81 mph slider to get Adam Duvall. Braves with just one hit through 4 innings.

1:30pm (EST) – Astros @ Twins: Urquidy in early trouble as he loads the bags in the first. He gets Alex Kiriloff to fly out to center. Kiriloff is the first player in MLB history to make his big league debut in a postseason start. Anyway, evil prevails and the Twins leave the bases loaded.

1:43pm (EST) – Reds @ Braves: Ozzie Albies tries to shovel toss to first to get Nick Castellanos, but its a hair too late. Moments later, Castellanos tries to take third on a Joey Votto single but is gunned down by Adam Duvall. Eugenio Suarez sees only curveballs from Max Fried and struck out swinging to end the threat. Still scoreless in Atlanta.

1:57pm (EST) – Astros @ Twins: Through three, both teams are hitless. Jose Urquidy has settled down and his getting the should-be monstrous Twins lineup to do his bidding, getting six of nine outs from balls in play. Jose Berrios is cool and collected, with 20 of his 29 pitches being strikes. Two hours into the day, and we’re still without a run.

2:08pm (EST) – Marlins @ Cubs: It’s a rematch of a playoff series I’d rather erase from my mind forever as Sandy Alcantara (3-2, 3.00 ERA, 39 K, 1.190 WHIP) takes the hill for Miami and Kyle Hendricks (6-5, 2.88 ERA, 64 K, 0.996 WHIP) starts for Chicago. The Marlins are in the postseason for the third time in history, having won it all in their first two trips to October. The Cubs are back in the playoffs after stumbling into a Wild Card loss to Colorado two years ago. Of the NL postseason teams, these two have the shortest (Cubs, 2016) and third shortest (Marlins, 2003) title droughts.

2:09pm (EST) – Reds @ Braves: Reds NEARLY score, as Aristides Aquino is caught stealing home on the 2-4-3-2-5 play that started as a Kyle Farmer ground out. It’s stretch time in our first game, still scoreless.

2:12pm (EST) – Astros @ Twins: And the Astros get on the board first, as Kyle Tucker drives in Michael Brantley. 1-0 Astros.

2:25pm (EST) – Marlins @ Cubs: The Marlins are in their black tops. It should be a -5 run penalty when they don’t wear their blue tops.

2:40pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: On to the ninth inning, no score, and Mark Melancon on to pitch for the Braves. He gets the Reds in order, and a potential Braves walk-off is set up.

2:48pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: Everyone is all jacked up about Bauer’s performance, but no one is talking about the Braves staff. 0-0 going to the bottom of the 9th. – @copperwrite

2:50pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: 16 innings of baseball so far and only 1 run. Someone get me some of the good old Say Hey Kid amphetamines. – @copperwrite

2:54pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Kyle Hendricks vs Jimi Hendrix. Jimi had the ‘x’ factor we all crave and he could slang the axe better too. His fastball though, only got up to the low 90’s. – @copperwrite

2:56pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Huge walk Luis Arraez walks on 8 pitches, moving Marwin Gonzalez to second. Only one out in the bottom of the 5th.

2:58pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Brooks Raley is tossing it up to the dish for the ‘Stros no. For a second I thought it said Boo Radley, sadly it is not. No matter – Twinkies can’t hit. – @copperwrite

3:00pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: we’ve got extras, people. Imagine how many more things we all could’ve accomplished today rather than watching a 0-0 Reds-Braves tilt. – @copperwrite

3:01pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Nelson Cruz doubles, Marwin Gonzalez swims around the Houston catcher and touches the plate to tie the game. Play was reviewed, but upheld! 1-1 Tie.

3:02pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Side note to MLB- I’ve never been sure what the point is to starting stats over for the playoffs (they can be separated later) but I don’t have any need to know Jason Kipnis is currently batting .000. – @copperwrite

3:07pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Sandy Alcantara, which sounds like some sort of beach nirvana sticking out of an island like a mini-peninsula, is pitching pretty well for the Fish. 0-0 going to the top of the 4th. – @copperwrite

3:10pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Our fourth game of the day is also our second possible elimination, as Dallas Keuchel (6-2, 1.99 ERA, 42 K, 1.089 WHIP) looks to push Chicago into the next round while Chris Bassitt (5-2, 2.29 ERA, 55 K 1.159 WHIP) starts for Oakland. In my opinion, this is the best uniform matchup in this round.

3:12pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: there goes the Hendricks no-hitter. Figured it would be Jesus to break it up, and he nailed that pitch. – @copperwrite

3:15pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Miami gets a runner to third, but the Cubs get out of it. Mid-four, no score.

3:17pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: Dansby Swanson gets to second on a Nick Markakis ground out, but Lucas Sims gets the strikeout to keep the game going and going and going on into the 11th.

3:22pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Jason Heyward grounds into a would-be double play, but the relay to first is low and missed, allowing the speedy outfielder to advance to second. Javier Baez pops up to deep center, but the wind won’t carry it. Still scoreless in Chicago. I cannot believe only two runs have been scored on the day so far, and they were not easy.

3:28pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Hendricks’ curveball is in prime form today. Just downright ghoulish.

3:29pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Carlos Correa takes Cody Stashak deep and breaks the tie. I feel nothing but pain. 2-1 Astros.

3:30pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Matt Olson drives in a pair on a bases-loaded ugly grounder to Nick Madrigal. 2-0 Athletics.
3:30pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Ruh-roh Twinkies fans. Correa has crashed the party and the Astros lead 2-1. – @copperwrite

3:33pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: White Sox infield is not helping Dallas. Not a good way to start this game. – @copperwrite

3:35pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: will Moose kill the scoring drought? – @copperwrite

3:37pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: Tyler Matzek inherits a bases loaded jam and gets Moustakas to swing at a 98 mph fastball to get out of it. To the bottom of the 11th in Atlanta, still no score.

3:43pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Ian Happ opens the scoring for the Cubs on an opposite field home run. 1-0 Cubs

3:44pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Cubs strike first with a Happ HR. Seriously though, the Fish are awful and the Cubs should finish them off quickly. – @copperwrite

3:52pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Former White Sox Marcus Semien doubles the Oakland lead on a line drive home run to deep center. Absolutely beefed that one. 4-0 Athletics

3:57pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: Now in the 12th inning, the Reds are threatening with runners on the corners and only one out. Tucker Barnhart strikes out and Travis Jankowski steals second.

4:00pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Four hours into the day, its Oakland 4 – everyone else 4.

4:01pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: With runners at second and third, Tyler Matzek strikes out three straight Reds to keep it scoreless.

4:07pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Our fifth game is the first of the 1-8 seed matchups. Hyun-Jin Ryu (5-2, 2.69 ERA, 72 K, 1.149 WHIP) starts for Toronto and Tyler Glasnow (5-1, 4.08 ERA, 91 K, 1.134 WHIP) looks to clinch the series for Tampa Bay. Glasnow, a former Indianapolis Indian so I love him, was a part of the trade that also sent outfielder Austin Meadows to Tampa for Chris Archer. The Pirates make mistakes.

4:08pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: I did not sign up for five simultaneous baseball games but I must live with this abyss I have created for myself.

4:10pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: In the 8th, Byron Buxton is caught in a rundown between first and second, killing a potential Twins rally and maybe their season.

4:11pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Alcantara and Hendricks have worked so quickly that this game has potential to pass the Astros-Twins game.

4:14pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Corey Dickerson hits a 3 run homer. Sigh. 3-1 Marlins.

4:20pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Manuel Margot drives in Randy Arozarena. The Rays Machine is always churning out hits. 1-0 Rays.

4:21pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Kyle Tucker extends the Houston lead on a grounder through the right side. 3-1 Astros.

4:24pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: With Starling Marte on, Jesus Aguilar homers of Jeremy Jeffress to grow the Marlin lead. End me. 5-1 Marlins.

4:27pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Khris Davis hits a solo shot and the rout is on, 5-0 Athletics.

4:33pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Minnesota is down to their last inning. Darkness.

4:35pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: The Reds load the bases with one out but can’t do anything AGAIN. On to the bottom of the 13th. Can the Braves end this madness???

4:38pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: The Braves’ radio crew just equated this game to the battle of Thermopylae.

4:40pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Twins down to their last strike…

4:41pm (EST) Astros @ Twins: Jorge Polanco called out on strikes. Final score: Astros 3, Twins 1. Astros sweep the Twins out of the playoffs. Twins lose their 18th straight postseason game. My World Series pick is the first team eliminated. Such is baseball.

4:43pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Kevin Kiermaier singles and Mike Zunino knocks a blast to left. 3-0 Rays.

4:48pm (EST) Reds @ Braves: Freddie Freeman singles through the infield to score Cristian Pache from third and the marathon battle of attrition is finally over. Braves take game one and what an absolute classic it was. Trevor Bauer’s 12k, two hit start is wasted as Atlanta holds on long enough. Final score: Braves 1, Reds 0.

4:53pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: With the bases loaded, Hunter Renfroe ended all hope of the Blue Jays upsetting the top-seed Rays. A home run becomes a grand slam and this one is out of hand. 7-0 Rays.

5:02pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Danny Jenson begins the great Blue Jays rally with a home run. 7-1 Rays.

5:06pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: The runs the Cubs scored against the White Sox this past weekend have given way to a complete scoring desert. The bats look lost. This is not ideal.

5:07pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: That brief break of only three games is broken up by our 6th match of the day. For the Cardinals, it’ll be Kwang Hyun Kim (3-0, 1.62 ERA, 24 K, 1.026 WHIP) going up against Chris Paddack (4-5, 4.73 ERA, 58 K, 1.220 WHIP) for the Padres. This was likely supposed to be Steve Clevenger’s start for San Diego, but he’s out for this series. The Cardinals had to play 53 games in 44 days to make the playoffs, and because of their alliance with the enemy of our hearts, they’re here. Anyway, go Padres. They switched back to brown and gold so I wish them only good things forever.

5:11pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Paul Goldschmidt absolutely mauls the 6th pitch of the game. Since Tommy Edman was aboard, its already a multi-run lead for St. Louis. 2-0 Cardinals.

5:13pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Dylan Carlson doubles and then Yadier Molina drives him in. Look. Its all happening. 3-0 Cardinals.

5:16pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Molina scores from third on a tough pop fly out by Matt Carpenter. I want off this ride. 4-0 Cardinals.

5:21pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Randy Arozarena doubles and Mike Brosseau scores from first. 8-1 Rays.

5:25pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Willson Contreras (the best player on earth) hits a double!

5:26pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Eric Hosmer hits a sac fly to drive in former White Sox prospect Fernando Tatis, Jr. 4-1 Cardinals.

5:31pm (EST) Marlins @ Cubs: Victor Caratini pops out, Marlins take game one. Final score: Marlins 5, Cubs 1.

5:34pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Oakland brings in their closer Liam Hendricks to thwart the heart of the order. A few batters later, Yasmani Grandal hits a two-run homer. 5-2 Athletics.

5:45pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Austin Nola drives in Jake Cronenworth on a sac fly. 4-2 Cardinals.

5:48pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Danny Jensen hits his SECOND home run of the game, and its back within a touchdown. He now has more runs scored in two at bats as the Reds and Braves had in NINETY TWO. 8-2 Rays.

5:59pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Paul DeJong summons a demon and drives in Dylan Carlson. Molina is on third. I have no faith in beauty. I have lost the light in my life. 5-2 Cardinals.

6:03pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Matt Carpenter drives in Yadier Molina. 6-2 Cardinals.

6:06pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Two outs in the ninth, the White Sox now have runners on the corners. Hendricks doesn’t have it today.

6:10pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Yoan Moncada walks and Hendricks is out of the game. Bases loaded, two outs in the ninth.

6:11pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Tyler Glasnow has his stuff in rare form. The Blue Jays not named Danny Jansen have nothing to offer besides bewildered looks.

6:14pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Yasmani Grandal walks, scoring a run, with MVP candidate Jose Abreu up to bat now. 5-3 Athletics.

6:15pm (EST) White Sox @ Athletics: Jake Diekman gets Abreu to ground out to second and end the rally. Final score: Athletics 5, White Sox 3.

6:26pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Tommy Pham drives in Tatis on a hard hit single. 6-3 Cardinals.

6:33pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: I really need to mention these Jays uniforms. The powder blue pajama look is just so great. The team won’t be here much longer so let’s enjoy them while we can.

6:35pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Danny Jansen does not hit a third home run. Lame.

7:08pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: The Yankees are the last team to get a chance to sweep today, and they’ll send Masahiro Tanaka (3-3, 3.56 ERA, 44 K 1.167 WHIP) to face off against Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco (3-4, 2.91 ERA, 82 K, 1.206 WHIP) for the Indians. The Yankees havent won a World Series since 2009 and thats just unacceptable for their franchise. The expecation to compete for a title annually is just a part of the job when you wear pinstripes. The Indians haven’t won a title since 1948. And they’re in a rain delay. So in a minute the only game in town will be the Cadinals and Padres.

7:11pm (EST) Blue Jays @ Rays: Joe Panik grounds out to second baseman Brandon Lowe. The Rays sweep Toronto out of the playoffs. Final Score: Rays 8, Blue Jays 2.

7:29pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Yadier Molina just keeps hitting. It’s his first three-hit postseason game in like 7 years.

7:47pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Tommy Pham steals third and scores on an Austin Nola sac fly, but then Jake Cronenworth is caught trying to advance to third. 6-4 Cardinals.

7:52pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: First pitch, finally, in our seventh game. This means that certainly this game will overlap with Los Angeles vs. Milwaukee.

7:58pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: The weather looks bad in Cleveland, but its not as bad as last night’s presidential debate… HEYYOOOO

8:06pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Jose Ramirez rails a line drive into the corner and Cesar Hernandez scores, but ohhh the tarp is out. 1-0 Indians.

8:26pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: The pace of the day has slowed to a crawl, and that’s okay. The other game is in a rain delay and that gives me a little mental break. Even if the likelihood of a Cardinal win makes my stomach hurt.

8:39pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Padres pose a threat but ultimately blow it. On to the ninth in San Diego.

8:40pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Game has restarted, bottom of the first, one out, man on second.

8:43pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: I cannot stop yawning. I have been watching baseball for nearly nine straight hours. I may die.

8:46pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Josh Naylor and his hair rocks a Tanaka offering out to right center, scoring Jose Ramirez and Franmil Reyes. Indians looking good in the first, but have they scored too much too early? 3-0 Indians.

8:49pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Roberto Perez drives in Naylor, who looks like Sideshow Bob when he pops up from his slide at the plate. 4-0 Indians.

8:50pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: 2016 World Series Champion Dexter Fowler drives in Paul DeJong, bringing the Cardinal lead back to 3. 7-4 Cardinals.

8:56pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Giancarlo Stanton gets the Yankees on the board with a fucking BOMB to right. 4-1 Indians.

9:01pm (EST) Cardinals @ Padres: Harrison Bader with a great catch at the wall for the 27th out. No joy in mudville, as the Cardinals shut down any burgeoning hope in the San Diego dugout, taking game one. Final Score: Cardinals 7, Padres 4.

9:08pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: I’m calling it a night. Listen, I came up with this hairbrained idea at like 10am in the shower. Big thanks to the team at FBC for engaging and participating. Super big thanks to my 7.5 month old son who watched a lot of baseball with my today. That was cool, even if he lost the ability to not scream BLABLABLABLABLA for hours on end. So I’m deaf and tired, but I enjoyed this thoroughly, even if it’s cut short. So I end the live blog exactly 9 hours after first pitch of game one with a tribute to my scoreboard watching as a kid, when the sports page of the newspaper was the only way to know what had happened in my favorite sport-

9:53pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: This is Rick and I have come from the bullpen to snatch the keyboard and make it my own, as much as the Yankees are seemingly about to make this game their own. Grand Slam – Urshela. 5-4 Yankees. Unlikely the Indians will recover.

10:04pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Aaron Hicks is up to bat. The Yankees have officially batted around in the 4th. The Indians are on their 3rd pitcher of the game. and I haven’t even started my first. Meanwhile, across the country the game has started at Chavez Ravine.

10:06pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: I meant Aaron Judge. Don’t @ me.

10:08pm (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Tanaka, after a real rough first inning, has totally settled down. Yeah, it pisses me off a bit, even though this wildcard series is a lose-lose for me. Can’t stand both teams. Someone better throw some cold water on the Tribe. Maybe they’ll wake up.

10:14pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Walker Buehler threw only 11 pitches to get out of the top of the 1st. Damn it. I know the Dodgers are heavily favored, but I’m a Giants fan. Go Brewers.

10:17pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Brent Suter, one of the few Suters to not have a hockey jersey on his back, is starting for the Brew Crew. His only hope is that he’s left-handed… and that the Dodgers start swinging with their eyes closed.

10:33pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Brent Suter threw 32 pitches to get through the first. He walked 4 batters. Dodgers up 2-0 on 1 hit. Putting the 32 pitches in perspective, a good inning is 15 pitches. Yeah, he’s already looking finished.

10:35PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: I’m walking the dog. No, that’s not code, I’m really walking the dog.

10:49pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Walker Buehler has thrown 30 pitches in 2 innings. On target for a good game – the sneaky little bastard. In the other dugout, Suter has started the second inning by allowing yet another double via the bat of Betts. This is shaping up to be a long night for the Brewers.

10:51PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: The Tribe has come off the mat in in the 5th to knot the game at 6. A new pitcher came in for the Yankees as expected as Tanaka is on a rigid pitch count. It’s C. Green. I was hoping it was Ceelo, but alas it is merely Chad.

10:54PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Soon as I get smarmy with C. Green and give the tribe a high five, Sanchez homers for the Yanks and puts them up by a deuce.

10:56pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Brent Suter threw 51 pitches before Manager Craig Counsell pulled him. It’s the 2nd freakin’ inning. However, the Dodgers are only up 3-0.

11:10PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: with the Tribe trying to catch fire with 2 men on, the Yankees change pitchers and bring Zack Britton. Je’s like a quiet, shy gunslinger.

11:12pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: I almost feel compelled to write this game up as a Dodger win already with the caption “Ryan Braun strikes out… again.” Yes it’s only the 3rd inning, but it’s 3=0 Dodgers and the Brewers will be burning through pitchers the rest of the game.

11:15PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Like I said, Britton is a quiet gunslinger. Threw 6 bullets up there to get the Yankees out of a jam and out of the inning.

11:30pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Sweet mother of Mary the Brew Crew has woken up with an Arcia HR to make it 3-2. C’mon Brewers!

11:34pm (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Walker Buehler, who only threw 30 pitches through 2 has ballooned up like my second wife after we got married os now at 73 pitches through 4. Good. Keep it up Brewers.

11:35PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Meanwhile, where the dirty water flows and at one point caught fire, Britton is getting ready to sling the pill for a second inning. Still Yanks up by 2, bottom of the 7th.

11:45PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: The wheels on the cool Britton are starting to heat up and slip and slide a bit. The Indians aren’t chasing his pitches so he’s walked two in a row. The Yankees respond accordingly and bring in a new pitcher – Jonathon Loaisiga AKA the man with too many vowels.

11:51PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Jordan Luplow, a man whose name sounds like one you’d expect to be an unemployed knitter, just knotted the game at 8 in the bottom of the 7th. We’ve got quite a doozy here.

11:59PM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: This game started at 7:51PM. We are at the over 4 hour mark and just starting the 8th inning. Rain delay aided the length, but so did 8 runs each for each team.

12:03am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Ryan Braun has left the game with an injured back… and a bad bat as he whiffed both times he was up at the plate. Still 3-2 Dodgers as we enter the top of the 6th.

12:10AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Clint Frazier is coming up to bat to save the day for the Yanks. 2 on, 2 out top of the 8th.

12:12AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Clint Frazier strikes out on 3 pitches. LOL.

12:20AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Tribe is threatening. 2 walks, no one out in the bottom of the 8th. Yankees will probably bring in a new pitcher and they do, Aroldis Chapman. Chances are he will not pitch the 9th.

12:25AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Cleveland has taken the lead – all is not lost. Cesar Hernandez gets to Aroldis Chapman and puts them up 9-8.

12:30AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Top of the 9th. The Indians are three outs away from playing another game in the sleepy city of Cleveland.

12:33AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: TheTribe has trotted out Brad Hand, aka Mr. ‘What are you, people? On Dope’ Hand to try and close out the game. I hope he can do it.

12:38am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: sticking with Julio Arias may be a mistake by the Dodgers. He’s tossed a lot of pitches and is known to last about as long as the flavor of gum in a baseball card pack.

12:39AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Hand is shakin’. He’s got two on with no one out.

12:40am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: They let Arias face Yelich who lined a double off him. This may hurt the Dodgers.

12:42am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: didn’t hurt them but that should be the last of Arias – 52 pitches in 2 innings is a lot.

12:39AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Good Christ, Hand is falling apart and it seems as if Cleveland wants to let him. Damn. Bases full of Yanks and no one out.

12:49AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Sacrifice fly by Gary Sanchez and we are knotted up at 9. Smooth Cleveland, really smooth.

12:52AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: DJ LaMahieu (say it like Pat Hughes, it’s fun) just put the Yankees back on top with a single. 10-9 Yankees.

12:53am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: Corey Seager, no relation to Bob or Pete, just jacked one out of the park to put the Dodgers ahead 4-2 as we go to the top of the 8th at Chavez Ravine.

12:59AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Time for the bottom of the 9th with the Yankees up 10-9.

01:01am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: On the other side of the continent where fantasy is reality, the Brewers go out quickly in the top of the 8th. Dodgers still up by a deuce.

01:03AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Yanks elect to keep Chapman in and he strikes out the first man up. He’s throwing darts.

01:11AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Pinch hitter Mercado strikes out on a wild pitch so he’s on first. In this game, that seems normal.

01:11AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Scratch that, passed ball on Sanchez. I still blame Chapman.

01:15AM (EST) Yankees @ Indians: Finally this epic battle with a softball score is over. Bye Bye Tribe. Final Score: Yankees 10, Indians 9.

01:18am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: The Yankees-Indians game stretched long enough this game almost caught up. We are int he top of the 9th, Dodgers still up by a deuce, Kenley Jansen on the bump.

01:23am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: It comes down to Jansen vs Yelich. Good matchup.

01:23am (EST) Brewers @ Dodgers: K for Yelich. Game over. Final Score: Dodgers 4, Brewers 2. Good night from Chavez Ravine. Drive home safely and watch out for tourists and D-list celebrities.

To sum it up, of the American League’s four Wild Card series, only one will make it to Game 3. White Sox-As coming up tomorrow at 2:10PM central time first pitch. National League series will all be on game 2 as they started a day after with their first tilt starting at 11:00AM Central Time – Reds vs Braves.

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