The Fancy Boys Predict the 2020 MLB Playoffs

Alright so that was something, right? About an hour after my fourth installment of predictions were posted, the league expanded this year’s playoffs to 16 teams. I kinda just tossed my arms in the air about it. Then it felt like the season would be canceled every day for about three weeks. Somehow, almost everyone played 60 games. So here we are, the field is set, and the chaos of a best-of-three first round series is ready for Tuesday. Who will survive all the way through the most bonkers MLB playoffs ever? Well, some of us got together in a digital way and tried to guess at it for your amusement.

Without any explanation or reasoning behind the picks, here are our staff brackets, presented in alphabetical order by last name.

Who has the worst bracket? Who can see into the semi-near future? The postseason starts on Tuesday, September 29th, with an eight game slate set for Wednesday. Four teams will be on the brink of elimination already.

It kinda feels like that moment in The Dark Knight when the Joker is all “and here… we… go…” and nothing happens (spoiler for a 12 year old movie, no apologies). In all likelihood, chalk will prevail and the Dodgers and Rays will probably meet in the World Series. But what if something bonkers happens? The most exciting and nauseating round in MLB playoff history is about to begin. I hope this isn’t a thing going forward, but right now I think we all could use some erratic baseball escapism.

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