Perilous, Nebulous: Farewell to the Orlando Magic

The Orlando basketball team was eliminated today. They stood up to a Greek (hoops) God and said “not today, but the next four, sure”. In honor of the Magic missing the lottery to be a speed bump for the Bucks, we quench their flame with a poem.

Perilous, Nebulous

Perilous it was, to dig our heels into muddied soil
Nebulous it is, our future ages right before us

Perilous it was, to gaze at the sun and seldom blink
Nebulous it is, our present hinges on blind faith

Perilous it was, to bear our hearts when blood would boil
Nebulous it is, our past is bright but often porous

Perilous it was, to hold the cup and never drink
Nebulous it is, our image, never quite opaque

Goodbye, Magic team…

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