Be Thankful I Am Through: Farewell to the Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland basketball team was eliminated today. Though they won the thrilling, first-ever play-in tournament, they ultimately fell to the almighty Lakers. We honor them, quench their candle, and pledge our undying fealty to Damian Lillard’s 2019-20 season with a poem.

Be Thankful I Am Through

You’ve heard, I’m sure, a word, my curse, of course I do renounce
You know, I show, a golden glow, when I’m just about to pounce
You thought, I taught, no caution brought, even if I’m to be trounced
You guessed, I blessed, in this contest, I’m the baddest ounce for ounce

We fell, pray tell, oh well, my hell, is different from the norm
We rise, pray well, oh tell, my knell is a truly different form

At last, I’ve passed, a man, outclassed, be thankful I am through

Goodbye, Blazers team…

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