March Fatness: Final Four, Part 2

Fast food isn’t healthy. It’s doesn’t always taste good. Sometimes, it’s can barely even be considered food.

And yet, there’s something about it that’s undeniable. There’s a comfort to unwrapping a cheeseburger or eating fries in the car. There’s peace in leaving a drive-thru knowing that your needs will all be met. And sometimes, you’re just hungover as balls.

Whether it’s burgers, fries, desserts, or a variety of other items, we’ve taken 64 of the best foods which are prepared quickly and will have them competing against each other. And we need your help to determine the winner.

Enter March Fatness.

Today is part two of the Final Four!

Today’s match: Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich v Dairy Queen Blizzard

As a reminder, you can vote both on our Facebook page and Twitter page.

Tuesday Results

Yesterday, you voted on the first final four match-up to determine who would play in the championship.

In the closest match in the tournament so far, Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich defeats Portillo’s Hot Dog, 51.3%-48.7%.

Vote. Share. Enjoy democracy.

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