The Definition Of Power

What is power? What does it entail?

Is it money? Anyone can have money. Lottery winners aren’t powerful; they’re lucky.

Is it influence? Hardly. No one really knows what that is or how to get it.

To me, power is like pornography: you know it when you see it.

And no one had more power at any given time that Jay-Z did in 2006.

In 2006, Beyoncé released her second solo album, B-Day. Because it was Beyoncé, everyone knew it was going to sell a bajillion copies. Still, it needed a hit single to get things cracking. Knowles turned to producers Darkchild and 808-Ray, and they gave her “Déjá Vú”, a rollicking banger with a crazy bass line, horns, and a rhythm section which would send crowds to the psych ward. To add even more fire, Jay-Z contributed a guest verse. His verse on her debut single, “Crazy In Love” helped solidify that song as one of the best jams of the first decade of the new millenium. And he would not disappoint with his contribution here.

On the third line of his verse, Jay lays out some more braggadocio that we’ve come to expect from him: “I used to bag girls like Birkin bags/Now I bag B…”

Beyoncé finished the line for him: “Boy, you hurtin’ that.”

You want to know what power is? There is it. Jay-Z gets his girlfriend to announce to the world that he is absolutely rocking every ounce of her sexual existence, and she’s doing it ON HER OWN SONG.

That, my friends, is power. Hail to the king.

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