March Fatness: Friday Results & Final Four Matchups

Over the past four weeks, we have had you, the loyal and devoted readers of Fancy Boys Club, determine which of the 64 fast food items we gave you would make their way to our Final Four. We called it March Fatness. And this week, we determine our winner.

60 matches have been played with only four items remaining. Let’s see who made the final spot in the High Cholesterol Region.

Friday Results

In the largest margin of victory in the Elite 8 matches, (2) Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich defeated (8) Culver’s Cheese Curds, 72%-28%.

Final Four & Champion Schedule

Here is the calendar for this week’s matches, where we find out who wins the whole damn thing:

On TUESDAY, the Diabetes Region Champion Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich takes on the Liver Failure Region Champion Portillo’s Hot Dog.

On WEDNESDAY, the Heart Attack Region Champion Dairy Queen Blizzard faces off against the High Cholesterol Region Champion Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

On THURSDAY, we have our championship match to crown our winner.

We’ve come this far… let’s see it through to the end.

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