You All Need To Get On The NBA Twitter Feed Right Damn Now!!!

I am not normally one to freak out and post Buzzfeed-esque articles. If you like my writing, it means you like excessive prose. After all, why use 200 words when you can use 2,500, many of which incorrectly?

But the NBA twitter account is on fucking fire right now, and I needed you to know that right now.

Look, it’s the last week of the regular season of football, and unless you get super-hard for playoff seating of teams sitting out their best players, there is nothing worthwhile over there.

Thankfully, the official twitter account (@nba) has got you.

They are posting some of their favorite plays from the decade, and whoever is running the account is having a field day.

Yesterday, they posted the top 20 clutch plays of the decade, and if this doesn’t get your pulse racing, congratulations! You’re legally dead!

That last one is fucking amazing… and it’s not even #1.

Today, it’s the 20 best handles and crossovers.

Watching these is living your best life.

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