2020-21 Sacramento Kings Guy to Watch: De’Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox is on the cusp of national recognition. The problem is, well, he plays for the Kings, California’s forgotten franchise. Fox is an incendiary guard who elevated his game last season. He will slash to the basket like vintage John Wall, but cleaner. He’s going to need plenty of help if the Kings are going to be any kind of a threat to make the play-in tournament, but that doesn’t mean the Kings are unwatchable trash. Fox is worthy of your time in his own right. It’s like watching a tiger cub grow into his claws. He has the potential to be one of the game’s top guards, and I think this is his year to push through and make an All-Star team. You probably won’t watch a Kings game unless they’re playing a bigger team, so when that happens watch as the man they call “Swipa” slices and dices through even the best of coverage.

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