2020-21 Milwaukee Bucks Guy to Watch: Bryn Forbes

Bryn Forbes is. Look, you’re watching this team for Giannis Antetokounmpo. Maybe Khris Middleton too, if you’re smart. Adding Jrue Holiday is a big deal for their defense and might help shake the playoff woes for the presumptive 1 seed. But I wanted to find someone for Milwaukee who you can keep an eye on when his number is called. Forbes spent the last four seasons in San Antonio as a solid shooter for the post-dynastic Spurs. My guess is that he is another asset culled from the minor leagues in order to produce in the playoffs. That said, he will need to hone his shot throughout the season. He won’t get starter minutes (I have DiVincenzo as the starter), but Forbes will be on the floor plenty. His shooting is good enough that he may just draw one defender a half step too far, which will open the floodgates for Milwaukee’s big dogs. Signing Forbes is a smaller move, but it could pay off big.

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