2020-21 Houston Rockets Guy to Watch: Christian Wood

Christian Wood is playing for his SIXTH team in five seasons. He had a bit of a mini-breakout last year for Detroit, and graduated to likely being the starting center for the Rockets. Houston has a LOT of problems, and most of them are random achilles injuries throughout the roster. The main one is James Harden. If Harden plays a full season for Houston (he may be traded by the time this is posted) then the Rockets MIGHT make the playoffs. Wood will be crucial to their success if he doesn’t. No pressure, kid, but if John Wall can’t play 72 games, its you and… uh… Daniel House? Wood can switch and cover both the power forward and center positions. With his size and athleticism, he’s capable of being both a defensive monster AND a bruiser in the paint. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE- he’s actually not a bad shooter for his size, dropping nearly 40% from three. Wood is a rags to riches story, floundering in the G-League and switching teams often, but 20-21 might be the year he finally finds a home.

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