2020-21 Miami Heat Guy to Watch: Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro was formally introduced to the world in the bubble. It’s tough finding a hidden guy on a team that bashed and thrashed its way to the Finals, but Herro is an interesting guy this season. In his rookie campaign, he shot just under 40% from three on 298 attempts. That in itself is impressive, but its when he made his threes that was so shocking. Herro was often trusted in high-leverage situations near the end of games, something not often gifted to rookies. He seemed to shrug off misses like they’re known commodities and not let his confidence falter into the next shot opportunity. Yes, how Jimmy Butler goes, so go the Heat, and Bam Adebayo is being groomed into a star. Tyler Herro has baby Ray Allen potential, and we all know how valuable guys like that can be. I’m very interested to see what the Heat do when it’s crunch time and they need three points. There are other options, but Tyler Herro could become an elite shooter if given the proper number of looks.

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