2020-21 Orlando Magic Guy to Watch: Mo Bamba

Mohammed Bamba was really growing into his game last year. Then the season was abruptly suspended, stunting his development for the time being. He will continue to come off the bench, given that the Magic have a locked-in starting center in Nikola Vucevic. In yet another strange season, it’s probable that Bamba will get minutes to test his productive limits just based on Vucevic needing time to breathe. If Orlando is going to compete for another chance to lose to Milwaukee in the first round, bench guys like Mo will have to step up. The floor is rising in the East, and teams like Orlando can get swallowed up if they get stagnant. Bamba’s Per-36 numbers project out to a pretty valuable big man, and if by increasing his usage means even a fraction of that potential is tapped, the Magic could benefit greatly. He’s a fun player who could probably use some meat on his bones to better contend with other centers, but he has a wingspan that could rival a pterodactyl.

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