2020-21 Oklahoma City Thunder Guy to Watch: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is on the Thunder at this exact moment. Given what Sam Presti has done over the last few months, I have no idea who will and who won’t be on the team come opening night, much less the end of the season. Still, SGA had a breakout season last year while under the tutelage of Chris Paul. Going into this season, he’s pretty much going to have to be the guy in OKC. Whether or not he can do that depends on what percentage of his teammates have the ability to draw defenders away. Hamidou Diallo can jump out the gym, and that’s cool, but is it enough to give SGA a little breathing room on offense? His first season in OKC saw a jump in production in every category, as he also played just under 35 minutes per night. Woof. Whatever the Thunder are doing is for the extreme long term, and SGA burnout might be an effect of the Presti Plan. Still, on a nightly basis, the kid can be spectacular.

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