1: T206 Honus Wagner

As if there could be any other card in this spot. The greatest sports card in history with the biggest myths and mysteries surrounding it. The card is worth millions if it’s in even passable condition. It is the card sports collectors dream about getting their hands on. Simply put, it is the most important, most iconic card in the history of collecting. We may never know exactly how many of this card exist, but we do know the number is small and isn’t likely to rise dramatically.
If you aren’t overly familiar with this card: this is the 1909-1911 T206 Honus Wagner card. It was released in packs of various brands of cigarettes, as most cards were in the day. Depending on the story you believe, either Wagner was very anti-smoking and demanded his card be pulled, or he wanted a cut of the royalties for using his image, and the card was pulled. Either way, it exists in much lower numbers than any other card in the set, and it’s a joke to even say this set is condition sensitive. The set is 110 years old. If a card from this set is found in one piece, it’s considered a success.
This card is the most iconic because it has the most crossover appeal. It gains headlines on television over it’s value whenever it goes to auction. It draws out the most high end collectors to try to get their hands on it. It exists as an almost mythological example of what collecting can be. It is, without a doubt, the most valuable and iconic card in baseball history.

Random Honus Wagner Fact: He is, and will most likely forever be, the only person in the history of Major League Baseball named Honus.

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