11: 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols

Now this is some iconic prospecting right here. It’s not to say that Albert Pujols came out of nowhere, but he was already in the middle of his 37 home run, 130 RBI rookie season when this card camae out. Needles to say, this card hit the ground running and never looked back. Bowman had always been known as the prospect set. It is where you sent if you were looking for cards from your favorite team of players that hadn’t made the majors yet.
In 1997, then released Bowman Chrome, with high end prospects on a glossy stock. Autographs were added as a chase element. In 2001, this became the card that everyone needed to have. It had a print run of 500, which was still considered a small run at that point. If Pujols had washed out after a couple seasons, this card would never be on the list. Instead, Pujols has had a Hall of Fame career, cementing this card’s legacy, and turning every Bowman Chrome release into a prospectors’ holiday. Now if only this damn Brandon Wood chrome auto would finally regain it’s value…

Random Albert Pujols Fact: For his career, Pujols has grounded into the most double plays of all time. In fact, as a still active player, Pujols is already 45 ahead of Cal Ripken, who is in second. The next closest active player is Miguel Cabrera, who is currently 77 GIDP’s behind.

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