FBC 2021 NFL Preview: AFC North

FBC 2021 NFL Preview: AFC North

Every division in the AFC feels pretty cut and dry. The Bills in the East. Chiefs in the West. Tennessee in the South. But then there is the AFC North. Every other division is a slap fight at an Arbys at 2am. The North is Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield. It is a full on heavyweight fiiiiiiight. Last year, the traditional powers were met by the unexpected Cleveland Browns arrival into the top tier. Last year, three teams in the division won at least 11 games. To put that in perspective, any of these teams would have clinched the NFC East by Thanksgiving.

The AFC North is a good reason for the entire concept of divisions and conferences in the NFL to be abolished. So everyone that can win as many games as the good teams in the North did last year can get their fair shake in the playoffs, and teams like the entire NFC East can be shot at the sun for their sins against this sport.

Will it happen this way again? Probably not. Attrition in the NFL is a very real thing. Also, at least two teams in this division have regression written all over them. Either way, all eyes should be on this division this season. This is where the big boys play and it’s going to be must watch television all season long. Let’s take a look at the AFC North.

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FBC NFL Power Rankings Week 16

This is it everyone! It’s the best time of the year. We have three games on Saturday to act as extra incentive to not have to pay attention to your family during the holidays! What did we do without football? Talk? Love? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Let’s play the feud!

1: Baltimore Ravens

On Thursday night, the Ravens didn’t go out to beat the Jets. They went out to embarrass the Jets, and succeeded. They were far off in the distance when Lamar Jackson finally exited the game, having cemented his MVP resume for the season. Whoever represents the AFC in the Super Bowl has to go through Baltimore to get there.

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FBC NFL Power Rankings Week 15

This is it guys! Three weeks left in the regular season and the NFC is a bigger mess than it has been in years! If the NFC is a heavyweight boxing match, then the AFC is a seven year old’s tickle fight. And the NFC East is a Bermudas Triangle of incompetent football. Let’s get to this week’s rankings!

1: Baltimore Ravens

This was the hardest any team punched Lamar Jackson in the face, as the Bills defense through hell at the Ravens’ quarterback all day. And Jackson walked away with a TKO victory. Baltimore has the one seed in the AFC in his grasp, and the division will be theirs as soon as next week.

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