FBC 2021 NFL Preview: AFC East

FBC 2021 NFL Preview: AFC East

The AFC East is like a recent divorcee. The division only knows one person ruling it for a couple decades, and is now lost in the wilderness with a series of people you have to learn to trust in charge. But it’s also new and exciting because everyone hated the one person in charge for the past two decades. The fans of the hated person on top got too full of themselves. They began to think that having a great team was a right, not a privilege. It should go without saying that I hate both the Patriots and their fans.

Now, as the Patriots get decommissioned like an old cargo liner that will be sunk to create a barrier reef, the Bills and Dolphins emerge as the new contenders for the mantle at the top of the division. The Jets continue to be the puss filled abscess infecting the butt cheek of this division. Josh Allen got a quarter of a billion dollars to pretend to still like the city of Buffalo, or any other city that the Bills end up in. We got another Alabama quarterback destined to fail. We have lost dear, dear friend of the site, Adam Gase. But we soldier on. Welcome to the Fancy Boys Club Season Preview of the AFC East.

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I thought I’d take a big giant step onto a frozen pond and take a look into the NHL playoffs. After all, they started two days go. Perfect timing… except the NHL, while starting Round 1 of the playoffs is STILL MAKING TEAMS FINISH THE SEASON WHO DIDN’T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.

Seriously, CAPS is the only way I can make a statement here. This is so blindingly stupid I cannot even put it into words other than MAKING THEM ALL CAPS. The Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames, two teams who haven’t been in any contention whatsoever to snag any playoff spot in the Scotia North division since, I don’t know, mid-March, have two regular season games left. The play tonight and tomorrow. This is going on DURING ROUND 1 OF THE PLAYOFFS.

Does this make any sense? Is it me? Have the NHL brass been playing pond hockey without helmets again?
Traditionally – well hell let’s just throw tradition right out the window into a snowdrift shall we – the playoffs begin when the season ends. Every single major sport does it this way. Why you may ask? So the entire focus is on the playoffs and not wondering how the bottom tier teams are going to do tonight and what impact it has on their draft slot. WHO CARES?! NO ONE!

By the time the season ends for the Flames and Canucks, four of the first-round matchups will be done with Game 2 of their respective series. This is so incomprehensibly stupid I cannot get my head around it SO I JUST HAVE TO USE CAPS.

Sigh. Deep breath. STUPID. Try again,. Sigh. Deep breath. Meditate. Don’t think. Let it go. Frozen. Frozen. Canada. Flames. Canucks. DAMMIT.
I’ll be back.

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