The worst thing about a former president being indicted is just how little it changes…

This past Thursday, former president (or current president, depending on how Q Anon you may be) Donald Trump was indicted on Thursday afternoon on 34 counts of, assumably business fraud. We can’t be sure because the indictment still remains under seal as of the time of this writing, but that’s a pretty good bet, unless betting on this kind of stuff would also be considered business fraud, in which case never mind. Trump is apparently set to be arraigned this upcoming Tuesday and that is when the real circus shall begin. This is the first time in the history of our nation that a former president has been indicted, which is truly remarkable when you consider some of the real pieces of shit who have held the office.

The national response to this news has been, depressingly, predictable. The pro-Trump outlets believe this is the worst thing to happen to America. The outlets more critical of the former president believe that this could lead to the end of the Trump movement in American politics. Trump’s primary opponent in the 2024 GOP primary (though he has yet to announce), Ron DeSantis, has chosen to attack Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg rather than the guy Bragg is attempting to prosecute because the GOP is such a firm believer in supporting law enforcement. And Donald Trump has used this opportunity to announce that he has raised four million dollars since he has been indicted.

The only thing that any of this has meant is that nothing has changed.

I mean, of course nothing has changed in the political climate we are living in. We’re living in a time where feelings are more important than facts, especially to the people who post things online like, “Facts are more important that feelings.” And they are able to post this while meaning the opposite because, in their minds, their feelings are more important than their facts.

I cannot think of a single person who had voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 and was planning to vote for him in 2024 who will not be voting for him now that this news has broken. In fact, for most Trump supporters, hearing this news probably wants to make the vote for the former president even more. This is particularly ironic, as Trump has told these people over and over and over again that their vote is meaningless because of election fraud, but because of where we are as a nation, that seems no longer here nor there. Trump supporters, despite being told their elections are stolen, continue to vote simply because they are told to.

Furthermore, I don’t think this news is going to cause anyone to vote FOR the former president. The idea that a person disagreed with the dude but this is what makes them consider their entire political ideology seems just as far-fetched as people wanting to participate in an election that they believe is fraudulent, but only if their candidate loses. Man, Trump supporters are a bunch of fucking weirdos.

Ron DeSantis, fucking dork

What’s particularly hilarious is that people like DeSantis and Nikki Haley and whoever else is foolishly trying to get the GOP nomination in 2024 cannot use this against Trump, because they understand a very simple fact: Trump supporters are not members of the Republican faithful. If a candidate were to come out and attack Trump and do so too aggressively and then later get the nomination, the MAGA vote would not fall in line and support whoever the candidate was. Trump would fucking make sure of that. This is why Ted Cruz is not running this year. It’s not because he doesn’t want to be president and also not because he is still busy forcing people to answer his riddles before they can cross a bridge he is guarding lest he eat their goats. Cruz knows something about Republican politics right now: you still cannot win a popular vote with the MAGA base, but you will never win a general election without them.

As of current, there is only one way that DeSantis gets the nomination, and that’s if Donald Trump is thrown in jail. Whether due to what is happening in Manhattan or if Georgia decides to indict, the only way for someone else to step up and claim the throne is if Daddy Don goes bye-bye. And he has shown he’s not going to do that willingly.

Trump being in jail is, weirdly, the best thing that can happen to the Grand Ol’ Party. It would allow DeSantis to spend his entire campaign attacking a horrible and aggressive liberal justice system without having to mention once the crimes committed by the guy he would have had to drag through the mud in a normal primary. And, as aggressive as this seems, I think it only happens if it’s a jail sentence.

Let’s say Trump just came out tomorrow and said, “I’m not gonna run for President anymore. I’d rather just grow my businesses and chill out.” Do you think any of his red-hat wearing moron base just finds another guy? Nope. They’ll just not vote. Think about what happened earlier, when Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert and three other turds decided to hold up McCarthy’s speakership. They didn’t stop because they were winning. They stopped when they realized the people who supported them were tuning out. After that, they just grabbed what they could and called it a win.

Anyone with half a brain knows if Trump just goes away, so does his base. You need him to play the victim that so many of his supporters believe he is… and they are. And that only happens if the dude is forced to not run for president. It’s gross. It’s stupid.

It’s predictable. Because nothing matters anymore except misguided feelings disguised as facts.

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