Fancy Boys Club March Music Madness 2023: The Drufke (1993-1995) and Andreasen (1998-2000) Regions, Round 4

Four Fancy Boys Club writers- Matt Drufke, Brandon Andreasen, Michael Grace and Jake Drummond- each chose 16 songs from their first two years of high school that had a profound impact on them. From there, the March Music Madness bracket was born.

We locked in our Sweet 16 last week. Wednesday and Thursday, it’s Round 4 as we will do two regions a day. You can vote at our Facebook or our Twitter or at the polls at the bottom of this page.

We wish the best of luck to all the challengers.

It was only a matter of time for some upsets to come to the Drufke region. #1 and #2 seed both eliminated in Round 3, with two very good challengers standing tall. Meanwhile, in the Andreasen region, the scrappy #4 seed is still holding on to whatever semblance of a high seed that it has. Before we get to voting, let’s look at who is in the Elite 8 in both regions.

Drufke Region

Mr. Jones- Counting Crows

PATH TO THE ELITE 8: “Mr. Jones” has been a juggernaut and has won easily in every round. The first round win over (13) “Cotton Eye Joe”- Rednex remains the greatest margin of victory in the tournament so far. That was followed by a comfortable win over (5) “Wonderwall”- Oasis. Because of these victories, it’s not a surprise this song upset the #1 seed, “Loser”-Beck, but the margin of victory (55%-45%) says it may be the song to beat this tournament.

Closer- Nine Inch Nails

PATH TO THE ELITE 8: Winning in the first round by a single vote over (14) “Kiss From A Rose”- Seal, “Closer” did not seem like it was going to be in the tourney long. What followed was an dominating win over (6) “Basket Case”- Green Day in Round 2. What followed was a commanding 59%-41% win over (2) “I Will Always Love You”- Whitney Houston, showing that the first round was not a proper indicator of this song’s power.

The Andreasen Region

What’s My Age Again?- Blink 182

PATH TO THE ELITE 8: The highest seed from this region beat all lower seeds with little degree of difficulty. An early beating of (13) “Inside Out- Eve 6 paved the way for a Round 2 clubbing of (12) “One Step Closer”- Linkin Park. With the #1 seed eliminated in Round 2, Blink was able to keep its status as the favorite and ride that to a Round 3 victory over (9) “Guerrilla Radio”- Rage Against The Machine, 58%-42%.

Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger

PATH TO THE ELITE 8: A easy Round 1 win over (3) “The Kids Aren’t All Right”- The Offspring showed this song was in it for the long haul. Knocking out (6) “My Own Worst Enemy”- Lit would lead to a Round 3 win against (7) “Ride Wit’ Me”- Nelly, 67%-33%.

Vote! Share! Round 4 continues tomorrow!

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