Fancy Boys Club presents: Celebrity Butt Watch

Look, celebrities are just like us. They drive cars and eat and go to the store. They laugh and cry and have complicated relationships with their parents. And yes, just like us, celebrities have butts.

Or do they?

I took to the streets to find out which of your favorite celebrities have butts. With cheeks. And a crack. And a hole they poop out of. I await word from the Pulitzer committee.

The Weeknd

The superstar is once again dominating the pop charts. And a source told FBC that he was recently spotted at a Los Angeles nightclub and that he does, indeed, have a butt.

Britney Spears

Leaked court records confirmed what many thought true: Britney has a butt.

Frances McDormand

The Oscar-winning actress confirmed to us, through her publicist, that her butt is real and she uses it for sitting and pooping.

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers quarterback may not believe in COVID vaccines, but high-level officials in the Packers organization have informed me that he’s got a butt.

Drew Carey

The Price Is Right host did not immediately return our request for comment, so we have to put him down as a hard maybe.

Want to know what other celebrities have butts? Have butt news of your own? E-mail us at

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