Bob Saget had more than a Solid 7

I had a solid 15-hour workday today – minus a half hour taken for lunch, half hour for dinner and the 90-minute break I took to go to the gym. But Bob Saget? He’s got more than a solid 7. A solid 7 minutes of fame? You could look at it that way. He did a lot. But that’s not it. Now kick back your feet and relax a bit as I wind my way to his ‘more than a solid 7.”

So today as I kept working I felt like I was being someone I really am not – someone who keeps working. I like my job, but criminy that’s a lot of time you know? But it got me to thinking. Generally, when someone starts any sentence off with “it got me to thinking” right after that something will spill out of their mouths possibly a tad daft. Strap it down people and slam open your thought cavity because here it comes.

What does one do when they are acting like someone they clearly are not?

Bob Saget doing his best work – you’ll understand what I mean in a moment.

I don’t mean “acting” per se, but in some cases it may be appropriate. Case in point, Bob Saget. If you ever had the chance to see Bob Saget’s stand-up, you know… yes you do. As a stand-up comedian he was no Danny Tanner. He wasn’t remotely close to the character Danny Tanner from Full House. You know THAT Danny Tanner – frustrated single father of girls forced to deal with them as well as his two pals Joey and Jesse… and that felon Lori Loughlin aka “Aunt Becky” who served time in prison after pleading guilty to fraud as part of the College Admissions scandal. SHAME ON YOU AUNT BECKY.

Sorry I veered right off course there. Still, what a shitty thing to do. I hope you liked prison food and looking probably fabulous in orange, Aunt Becky. So, she was not remotely close to her character either was she. Huh.

The thing with Bob Saget was, due to the immensely popular Full House, he was far better known to the general public as Danny Tanner than he was as a stand-up comedian. I cannot tell you how many times I heard people say “I got tickets to see Bob Saget. He’s so funny on that Full House show AND America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

This is where the turn gets really fucking weird. I’m sorry (OK I am not) but as Danny Tanner he was playing a character. He was acting. But on America’s Funniest Home Videos what exactly was he doing? I’ll tell you what he was doing – he was acting as a reality TV host who was acting as Danny Tanner who was actually Bob Saget. You follow me? I hope someone did.

So now you end up with people going to see Bob Saget do stand-up thinking they are seeing the clean-cut wholesome Danny Tanner on stage who may whip out a few real home videos that may be humorous, if not plain cornball funny.

Ummm… yeah that’s a no.

No is not exactly what I’d say to anyone walking through the door to see Bob Saget do stand-up. I loved his stand-up. Raunchy motherfucker and funny. It worked in two ways – one, he was a clean-cut guy. No shagginess to him at all, ergo what came out of his mouth was more than a bit unexpected. Two, of course, it was Danny fuckin’ Tanner on stage doing that filth! How dare he! I’m laughing thinking about it.

I am intentionally making this article short. Why? Bob Saget’s more than a solid 7 that’s why. The link below is a bit long, but in my opinion so worth it. It’s Bob Saget at his best/worst depending upon how you want to frame it as he does his version of the classic joke “The Aristocrats” in the Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza 2005 documentary The Aristocrats. To set it up for you, every comedian, famous or not, has their version of this joke with the joke boiling down to a family trying to impress an agent as they perform the vilest series of acts the comedian can conjure up.
Go ahead. Do it. Click and watch. If you hate your job and want to be fired, do it at work – sound up.

I’m going to miss Bob Saget way more than I’ll ever miss Danny Tanner.

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