The Greatest YouTube Clip Of All Time

Look, let’s just lay all of our cards out on the table: the world kinda fucking sucks right now.

In two weeks, the United States will have an election where, whoever wins, half of the country will think that the worst thing in the world is happening. We’re under restrictions as COVID has taken over a million lives worldwide. At any given point, any part of the world could be on fire. There are riots and protests and, also, Hulu didn’t renew High Fidelity for a second season and I was kind of getting into that show.

And we haven’t even talked about the internet.

Like all things, mankind has taken this useful tool known as the worldwide web and made it a cesspool for negativity and the worst kind of things. We ruined the most important creation in all of history, and I’m not sure if we should be thanking or blaming Al Gore. Things are so bad, I was in a constant debate whether or not I, a 41-year old adult man, should be on TikTok.

However, there is hope. Because there is one clip on YouTube that, no matter how bleak and hopeless things seem, never fails to make me smile. It’s wonderful and silly and perfect. You may not think that a Canadian diva and a powerful voice from Chicago singing a hit from an Australian rock band would be the best thing on the internet.

Well, you’d be absolutely fucking wrong.

Before we continue, it’s important to me that you watch this clip. I’m going to wait.

Have you watched it yet? No you haven’t, you fucking liar.

Go watch it. Go. Watch. It. Do it.

Recorded for the VH1 Divas series entitled Divas Las Vegas, it’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable way to spend four minutes and some change. There are just so many things here to fill your soul with joy, and it starts with the audio. The way Dion and Anastacia make this song, which should sound dirty and gritty and sexy, sound so dorky should be a negative, but it’s a wondrous blessing. It’s like going to the silliest karaoke night of all time, except one of the people singing is, literally, the best technical pop singer of all time. This should not exist. Everything in the universe is fighting it. And yet, here it is. And it’s fucking perfect.

And, as ridiculous as it sounds, you somehow need the video because that makes is so much better.

From Dion doing the Angus Young duck walk to the dude playing the cowbell at the :37 mark to the people in the crowd losing their mind like they’re at a baptist revival, there’s no moment that makes this seem like a moment that should happen on this dimension’s planet Earth. But, at the some time, it’s fun. It’s joyous. It’s something that forces us to engage and take us away from the fact that this year is the absolute worst.

And, isn’t that what we all need right now?

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