You Need To Vote, You Stupid Idiots

This November, we’re facing an election that has serious consequences. Some of the more extreme ding dongs are calling it the most important election in America’s history, and I’m tempted to agree with them but only with a caveat.

The people who always spout the nonsense of no election being more important usually do so because they’re trying to strike fear into people who vote. They want you to believe that the country will face certain Armageddon if you don’t put the candidate they like into office. Sadly, fear is a powerful motivator in American politics.

I choose to be more hopeful.

Elections are important because they allow us to have a say, at least as long as we live in one of the eight swing states. They are, short of violent revolution, the only way we have of impacting real change. And that will always be the case. What is the most important election in American history?

The answer will always be: the next one.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote, though if you’ve read previous articles of mine, you know I think that voting for a Libertarian is wildly silly. Honestly, just get out and fucking vote.

If you need some resources, here are a few: is a wonderful place where you can go to see if you’re registered to vote. They’ll send you a few emails, but you can always opt out of that. shows you where you can go to register to vote if you haven’t.

Ballotpedia is a non-partisan site to explain where candidates stand on the issues. It’s a much better site than anything your racist uncle is going to post.

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